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Climb Down With a Clean Pair of Hands

ladder variation
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When climbing up a ladder, it doesn't matter how dirty are your shoes, because as you ascend, each rung presents itself as a clean hand hold. Going down is a different matter, as you will now encounter the rungs where your shoes have been, leaving all manner of nefarious matter.

Climb Down With a Clean Pair of Hands solves this problem. It does this by a simple variation on the standard ladder. This takes the form of two additional vertical supports which run from top to bottom; adjacent to, and parallel to the main supports.

The two extra supports create spaces up both sides of the ladder which are too small to permit the insertion of a foot, but the perfect size for each hand. Being made of light material, because they have no structural function, they do not add significantly to the overall weight of the ladder.

xenzag, Apr 25 2008


       I take it that holding the sides of the ladder is not an option?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2008

       I have been told that ladder safety protocol calls for only moving one foot or one hand at a time. I would think that using the rungs for a handgrip would be safer than gripping the sides.   

       Granted, I learned this as a child watching an adult climb down a decaying wooden ladder into an old mineshaft.   

       Although the title does sound like some politician's or murderer's idea of freedom from guilt.
normzone, Apr 25 2008

       What you need is the "Disposable Roofmat"
james_what, Apr 27 2008

       What's that then?
xenzag, Apr 27 2008

       For removal of nefarious matter from the feet - which can only come from the roof - before the descent. You did scrape your feet on the bottom rung on the way up, didn't you?
james_what, Apr 27 2008

       Tradesmen never wipe their feet. Their union forbids it.
Texticle, Apr 28 2008

       I just wear gloves.
Sometimer, Apr 29 2008


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