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Clip-on changing Transformer

change your Transformer's autobody to fit your car, etc
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I've always wanted a Transformers toy that was whatever vehicle I was currently driving in daily life. When I drove a Mazda Protege, I wanted a Transformer of a Protege. Now I drive a Kia Spectra, I want a Spectra Transformer.

The idea of my car transforming into a robot and running around blasting things and making sarcastic comments is a very nice thought indeed.

There are far too many different car models out there to make an individual Transformer toy for each. So why not make a generic Transformer body which can have its autobody parts removed and replaced with whatever car body you're looking for?

You buy the toy. It's just a robot. In car mode, it's missing everything on top. Select your car model from a huge selection...... snap it onto your Transformer. Kia Spectra robot. or Protege. Or whatever.

Personalized Transformer toys.

go77, Apr 18 2002


       So this isn't something to enable use of 110V wall warts in 240V sockets and vice versa.
neelandan, Apr 18 2002

       There's not enough "blasting things and making sarcastic comments" here in the halfbakery to meet your needs?
half, Apr 18 2002

phoenix, Apr 18 2002

       I'd buy a bunch of body skins, pile them up in a heap and make funky transformers (El Caminos).
1kester, Apr 18 2002

       The possibility of my Toyota Camry fighting evil Ford Escorts with color-coded lasers that inevitably cause no damage or injury is more than enough for me. Now if I can get some "Thundercats" armor for my domesticated buddies, I'd be set.
nizgy16, Apr 18 2002


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