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Colorful and historic model patterns

Vehicle wrap decals for DIY models cars, boats and planes, etc.
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You can already download model airplanes patterns off the Internet. I would like to see a site where users could contribute model, car, boat or plane designs that could be printed in color on adhesive paper similar to "vehicle wrap" decals. The wings, etc, complete with military insignia, tiger shark mouths, simulated dirt, grime and exhaust, etc. would be cut out of the printed sheet and stuck to the Styrofoam or balsa wood. The wood or Styrofoam is cut away to form the shape of the model. Gliders or rubber powered propeller planes could be built. Using a large printer, profile or three dimensional control line or radio control planes could be built.
Sunstone, Nov 02 2008

Styrofoam glider print out http://www.grc.nasa...nautics/GLIDER.html
Pattern for styrofoam glider [Sunstone, Nov 02 2008]

Vehicle wrap http://www.wrapthisink.com/gallery.html
Vehicle wrap [Sunstone, Nov 02 2008]

Print And Fold Dr. Who Icons And Characters http://blog.craftzi...r_who_icons_an.html
I consider it a very simplified form of DIY homebrew color 3-D lithography [Sunstone, Sep 05 2010]

Paper models to print out http://www.ss42.com/pt-planemodel.html
Printable paper models [Sunstone, Sep 11 2010]




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