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Clockwork Wine Glass Refill Counter

Clockwork Wine Glass Refill Counter
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At this festive time of year, I am reminded of the need for moderation when attempting to mix alcohol and relatives...

We all find it difficult to keep track of the number of times that our wine glass gets refilled. I therefore, propose the following gadget:

It consists of a float, enclosing a small clockwork 'counter' mechanism, not unlike a pedometer. A tiny lead weight dangles from the float on some light gauge nylon fishing wire.

Each time as your glass is refilled, the counter increments. The mechanism is 'tuned' so it only clicks when line between float and anchor moves over a set distance. This will ensure that is not activated by the act of tilting/drinking from the glass, or swallowing the float ;-)

For the fashion conscious, the float can be disguised as an olive or cherry, slice of lemon, combo. The anchor can be reshaped as a coffee bean, tequila worm or similar.

A more superior model might incorporate a hydrometer (in the cocktail parasol stick) to check the strength of the beverage being consumed.


[with apologies to Trevor Bayliss]

riposte, Dec 31 2001


       <Obligatory> I thought this would be an idea about a bar with a wind-up bartender. </Obligatory>
phoenix, Dec 31 2001

       Hey, Brita has a reverse mechanism that counts backward for the number of refills you do before the filter is supposedly non-effective. Could this work with alcohol refills as well. Might be really effective if it could filter out all the crappy flavors in the low-grade alcohols and wines that seem to find their way into the "Open Holiday Bar" concepts that all relatives want to use when we come over.
bobzaguy, Dec 31 2001

       and when you choke on it, don't come running to me!
po, Dec 31 2001


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