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Drunk Flap

Like a cat flap only for drunks
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Drunk flap is fitted to the back or side door, like a cat flap, only it's big enough for a person to go through on all fours. Particularly useful for hotels, where hard drinking guests would be offered an activation collar, so that when they crawled up the steps on their hands and knees after a heavy night, the Drunk Flap would spring open, allowing them to access an alternative, more discrete route to their room. This route would take the form of a series of low lit ducted passageways, just big enough for two people to crawl past each other on their way to nocturnal oblivion.
xenzag, Nov 22 2005

cowboy version http://www.lindsays...n%20doors_small.jpg
[po, Nov 22 2005, last modified Nov 23 2005]


       Adding extra infrastructure to buildings to accomodate the innebriated. I appreciate that (small tear runs down cheek into my lunchtime martinis).   

       Make the passage floors padded, because that could be a long crawl in some hotels. Also, I suspect some of the drunks would turn the duct crawl into a 'maze party'...and those are fun!
sleeka, Nov 22 2005

       Would be an obvious target for thieves. But nontherless I'm giving this a bun, because it's the first [xenzag] idea in a while that hasn't had a cringeworthy title.
hidden truths, Nov 22 2005

       HT - If I make you cringe then I am most happy - you have just opened opened pandora's box.
xenzag, Nov 22 2005

       I like this a lot, but would the flap swing back outwards if one needed to go out and drink some more?
xandram, Nov 22 2005

       Mmmm..time for a moniker change.
skinflaps, Nov 23 2005


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