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Clothing Scabs

Pickable adhesive scabs for clothing.
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These artificial scabs are three dimensional temporary tattoos for clothing, like iron-on patches. These are meant to be a form of entertainment simillar to the idle picking of real scabs. The pain of real scabs is replicated by the integration of the wearers rooted body hair that pokes through and is absorbed into the Clothing Scab as it sets. As pieces are picked off the hairs are tugged creating real sensation.
rcarty, Apr 01 2013


       Why do they have to be stuck on clothing instead of directly onto real skin?
phundug, Apr 01 2013

       Right phundug I didn't mention clearly they are patches, so more literally clothing scabs. For examplle when one scrapes their knee they would have a scab on their knee, and a hole in their pants knee, which also deserves its own picking scab.
rcarty, Apr 01 2013


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