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Flight Suit

High fashion, high speed clothing
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More of a gimmick than an invention, but I can definitely see a market for this.

Fashion line aimed at travelers, with the purpose of quick passage through security gates.

• Belt buckles, buttons, clasps made of wood or plastic.
• Thin low-density slip-on shoes.
• Under-wire bras using plastic instead of metal.
• Thin fabric used in pockets, so you can easily tell if you've forgotten to remove your keys/cell phone.
• Easily removable clothing for the inevitable random strip search.

Worldgineer, Mar 08 2005

Clothing Optional Airline A step past [shapu]'s suggestion. [Worldgineer, Mar 08 2005]


       I'd wear this stuff. Yes, I would. Good one, [World].
Machiavelli, Mar 08 2005

       Items like those mentioned _definitely_ exist. I can't say I see a market for a custom line of clothes dedicated to those of us subjected to frequent strip searches, although strippers already have market mavens.   

       Perhaps a "homeland security" approval tag or button that is integrated into generic items or emblazoned on tags of generic items?
reensure, Mar 08 2005

       Can be sold at airports, at those posh shops, I like so much.
zeno, Mar 08 2005

       Definitely a [+]. I do this to some extent when travelling but I would like to look less like a potato sack, by having something to wear other than uncoordinated draw-string cargo pants, jogging shoes, and the like.
contracts, Mar 08 2005

       Sounds good to me. Actually, it could be made into a mandatory uniform - no suit, no flight.
shapu, Mar 08 2005

       Needs rubber
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 08 2005

       Grrrreat idea. [+]
Pericles, Mar 09 2005

       "Excuse me sir but we feel that you are trying too hard to avoid security snags and if we could just have you come into this room over here." <snap of rubber glove>   

       Yeah, [2 fries] we accidentally did that to my Dad one time. All us younger folks told him all our cheap travel tips, and he toddled off to Israel in wash-and-wear pants, cheap trainers and a nylon jacket, with only a daypack for luggage. Turns out that was exactly the profile for a one-way terrorist.
baconbrain, Mar 09 2005

       That's quite funny, [baconbits]. I hope they weren't too hard on him.
k_sra, Mar 09 2005

       No, I'm sure after the full body cavity search and 'rubber hose' interogation conducted while the subject sat naked on a metal folding chair they all had quite a laugh! Those kooky Israeli's!
Ichthus, Mar 10 2005


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