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Like a drive-through, but plus 11 degrees
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A fairly simple idea to eliminate cars idling at drive-through restaurants is to have the entire line up on a slight incline. Drivers go up a small hill at the start of the line, shut off their engine, shift into neutral, and simply work the brakes to make their way to the window, whereupon you receive your grub, start your engine and drive off again!
swimr, Aug 16 2008

Dante_27s_2015_ba_2...ry_20Shopping_20Haj I would like to remind you of... without the slightest hint of shame. [xenzag, Aug 20 2008]


       You'd best line the drive-through lane with rubber bumpers, in case people realise too late that their steering and brakes don't work as well with the engine turned off. But other than that, it's a good idea.
Srimech, Aug 17 2008

       True, but at those speeds brakes shouldn't be too much trouble, but steering will be. Make the ramps straight.
MisterQED, Aug 17 2008

       [+] I'm inclined to like this idea. You have an interesting slant on a contemporary problem. Getting Micky D's to listen, though, may prove to be an uphill battle. Slope. Let's see.... slope... slope...
r_kreher, Aug 17 2008

po, Aug 17 2008

bnip, Aug 17 2008

       Why not just have those things that grab the tires, Like at a car wash?   

       In fact, I believe there's some place that has a drive-through and car wash combined. You place your order, get the car washed, and then get your food. Or maybe you get the car washed while you go get food inside, I don't remember.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 18 2008

       I like it. I like it a lot.   

       Save the world and eat McDonalds at the same time. XD   

       Anyway, my point is [+] and that's about it.
TahuNuva, Aug 18 2008

blissmiss, Aug 18 2008

phundug, Aug 18 2008

       Yeah, the steering in most vehicles does not work well with the power steering system shut off. Most people are simply ignorant idlers no matter if it is a drive-through or a parking lot. Fast food companies should work to reduce the extra packaging that comes with a drive through window dinner.
johnbakersmon, Aug 20 2008

       The entire city should be laid out in this way. Mountains would be required. Depending on local conditions, the commute to or from work could be downhill all the way with motors off. The goal would be to minimize smog.
bungston, Aug 20 2008

       I suppose it could, however, driving uphill would still be required. It would be interesting to see how it would change things.   

       But I suppose in 50 years or so all cars will be hybrid or electric anyways thus making all of this moot.
swimr, Aug 20 2008


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