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Drive Through Firing Range

To allow people to keep their hand in on the road.
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This would be a range for people who carry guns in their car and who want to practise shooting without the inconvenience for getting out of the cars.

They would stop at an armoured booth and buy any ammunition they need and specify the type of targets they want. Then they would drive through the range and shoot at whatever takes their fancy. As they leave the range they are handed a score card from another armoured booth and offered ammunition to replace whatever they used previously - therefore keeping them safe from attack.

Targets could include: people visiting fast food restaurants, people visiting polling booths and people attending gun control rallies.

Aristotle, Aug 24 2001


       Drive-by Firing Range?
sdm, Aug 24 2001

       Amish drive-by shooting?
hippo, Aug 24 2001

       Just don't forget the Hearing Protection. 'Boom' go the guns in enclosed spaces in movies and then the actors whisper to one another - laughable.
thumbwax, Aug 24 2001

       thumbwax: Good point.   

       Hearing protection could be sold or hired at the first armoured booth. Just in case people take them off on the range, or opt out, there would probably need to be a big, clear sign that says "You are leaving the firing range now" at the second armoured booth.
Aristotle, Aug 24 2001

       You could recreate targets from famous films. I can imagine Easy Rider being a popular one.
-alx, Aug 24 2001

       mad, totaly mad... still I cant resist the urge to give it a plus vote...
RobertKidney, Aug 24 2001

       You should open a chain of them, I will open a glass repair shop next to it. We could make a fortune off of it.   

       UnaBubba ---- it should just have one bang. They still use muskets. But great joke anyway.   

       You could have one part that looks like a trafic jam with targets in each (empty) car and you shoot the ones that honk there horn.
imburton, May 02 2003

       Individual with highest score gets free trip to Pakistan. +
mahatma, May 02 2003

       Even in the days of single-shot firearms, a well-armed individual could still shoot pretty quickly. Blackbeard the Pirate (Edward Teach) is said to have carried eight pistols on his belt when going into battle. No doubt after barrel he'd have to retrieve them from the deck.
supercat, May 02 2003

       I thought this would be an idea to shoot at drivers who have their arm leaning out the window. (We call them one-tanned- taxi-driver-hand here)   

       And Mahatama's saying its non-violently baked in some parts of the world.   

       Nice to meet some new names! Welcome to HB. [sdm, imburton, RobertKid, mahatama, alx, and Aristo]!   

       ...better late than never :-(   

       What's HBGC e- p s++ g- B++ A+
pashute, Feb 01 2016

       thanks for bumping this, I would have missed it. [+]
Voice, Feb 01 2016

       I'm all for more training for those who would carry, but I think this would be a bad idea.   

       Not that it's a bad idea for the Halfbakery, but that it would be unwise to encourage such behavior.   

       But let's take the idea to it's limit.   

       Build one of those toll road shortcuts that are increasingly popular, and zone it as a lawless zone, without legal consequences for this kind of activity.   

       Then encourage all the hotheaded fools to use that shortcut, and have them eliminate each other with no danger to the rest of us.
normzone, Feb 01 2016

       // a lawless zone, without legal consequences //   

       Cf. Alan Sillitoe's novel "Travels in Nihilon"
Toto Anders, Feb 02 2016

       Yeah, and Delany as well in " Trouble on Triton: An Ambiguous Heterotopia ".
normzone, Feb 02 2016

       Wow, I was ABOUT to bun it until you said "people attending gun control rallies". You seriously had me until there.
kevinthenerd, Nov 11 2017

       // people visiting polling booths //   

       More deserving pity than condemnation ...   

       // and people attending gun control rallies. //   

       We'll bun that.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2017

       Wot, no churchgoers??
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 11 2017

       I'll wager this idea is baked long ago in, of all places, Nevada. I'm not going to search for it though, so it's only a wager.
normzone, Nov 11 2017

       // Wot, no churchgoers?? //   

       Only the unarmed ones.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2017

       The odd thing is that that happened in Tejas. Of all the states for somebody to be unarmed in - I mean for crying out loud, an armed neighbor responded.   

       I'm not fully cognizant of that states gun laws, but I know that it's a bigger crime to have a little bit of marijuana in your vehicle than a loaded gun on the front seat.
normzone, Nov 11 2017

       [+] This idea might be somewhat sensitive for some people given the recent events that have happened in the US. But idea was created before 9/11 and every horrible thing that has happened since then. So maybe it's not fair to retro-actively criticize the idea.
Jscotty, Nov 12 2017

       I still gave bread because it would be good sport. It has sort of a biathlon feel to it. The score could be # of target hits / time to complete course, to encourage people to keep moving or at least roar off between target stations then screech to a halt. There could be categories for 1 handed pistol shooting and up thru the sunroof rifle shooting. Also doubles where there is a shooter and a driver. The whole course could have a Deathrace 2000 / Mad Max type theme.   

       I think the drive on the left folks might have an unfair advantage here because most people are right handed. I suppose that balances out all the disadvantages, so I am fine with it.
bungston, Nov 12 2017

       There's scope for this to become a series of Olympic events ...   

       "And the Gold in the Drive By Shooting event goes to the U.S. team of Leroy Williams and Juan Ramirez from South Central L.A. .... "
8th of 7, Nov 12 2017


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