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Coat backpack

Both, but not at the same time.
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This is a durable coat. There is a zipper across the bottom, allowing one to shut the lower hole where the trunk emerges. The cuffs have clips allowing them to be clipped to the waist of the coat.

Buttoned up, with bottom zipper shut and sleeves clipped to waist, the coat can be used as a backpack. The outer back of the coat faces the wearers back and the sleeves are the straps.

One could repurpose an old coat to be a backpack in this way, sewing or riveting the bottom shut and the sleeves to the waist.

bungston, Jun 14 2016


       more nifty than the messenger bag fashion of the 00's
beanangel, Jun 17 2016

       I really want to make one of these now! Too bad I don't know how to sew (yet).   

       Shaped inflatable compartments in the back for rigidity?
notexactly, Jul 14 2016

       Only if the coat is made from skin-tight latex....   

       From the title, we guessed that this would be a warm and weatherproof coat that folds down into a small backpack when not in use, for ease of transport.
8th of 7, Jul 14 2016


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