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backpacks quantitatively measured to cause a greater amount of voluntary study

Do quantitative measurements on how backpack location effects study. It is possible that afterschool backpack location (room, kitchen, next to computer) causes varied amounts of voluntary study. Then have the backpack communicate with a computer to describe location, so the student gets some benfit from tossing it at the preferred location. Also backpack study colorology
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I think that if scientists measured the amount of voluntary homework accomplished when an afterschool student tosses their backpack at various locations around the house would find different amounts.

It is possible that the kitchen, with frequent visits, might actually outperform the students room. Or that next to the computer could be the surprising "most voluntary homework" location. after studying this, along with publicizing the gist of what is effective, a computer application could be developed so that the student gets rewarded every time they store the backpack at the preferred location as well as actually open their notebook.

now the thing is that if this ups voluntary homework activity 5% or 7% then it has a greater effect than many previous educational reforms.

also, just as fast food restaurants are published as causing people to eat perhaps a third faster with certain colors around, backpack colors or patterns might have some slight effect on visibility and utilization. Perhaps a new wave Fluorescent zig zag with a sober blue color, (etc. etc.) could be measured as effective. the opposite of out of sight out of mind!

beanangel, Sep 24 2016


       "Collated data shows an R² value of 0.03"
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 25 2016


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