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Cocktail Sippy Cup

Renders bar towels obsolete.
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Inspired by the combined needs of my older sister (mother of an infant and a toddler) and my little sister (alpha party girl), I suggest the Cocktail Sippy Cup. In popular, rowdy or sports bars, patrons would be served their drinks in cooler versions of the toddler's sippy cup. This would be a bounceable, drip-and-spill-proof, virtually unbreakable container that keeps your lager or Manhattan safely inside, no matter what you try to do to it.

This idea would be especially useful for third or fourth drinks, for bachelor parties, or for use during playoff games broadcast live. And it would absolutely revolutionize the Texas bar scene ... "Gimme that Bud in a Barney cup, darlin'."


1percent, Apr 02 2001


       good concept... but would any full grown person feel happy drinking from a sippy cup? not very stylish
panthaz paradise, Apr 02 2001

       Don't forget about the olive in the martini and the umbrella for the twerp drinks... Bars wouldn't want to stock this even if it were bakable. Too much cleaning of multiple surfaces/contours. Hard to store unless it were stemware (can you just picture that?) Patrons would be able to walk out with drinks in pocket increasing liability for Bar if found on person after accident. Patrons could also refill drink with their own beverage at Bar or after leaving premises. If, months after the bar visit, one filled cup with liquor, got into accident, claimed to be overserved, the Bar could be 3rd party in lawsuit for negligence.
thumbwax, Apr 02 2001

       Sippy cup stemware! I think we're on to something.   

       Do you think there are any IKEA designers lurking here on HB? Have at it, guys!
1percent, Apr 02 2001

       There is also the problem of trying to drink carbonated drinks (beer) from a sealed cup. Anyone who has tried to drink Coke from a sports squeeze bottle will quickly discover that it is fine when right side up, but when turned upside down to drink there are problems. The process of the drink slopping around will release the CO2 stored in the drink. The result is that the liquid will shoot out of the straw hole (sippy cup hole) with some force. Turning it back upright usually is a disaster because now the drink has a head and the foam starts shooting out like a shower. Beer shower anyone?
BigDun, Apr 10 2001

       while it sounds practical, it goes against the very culture of alcohol and drink. not only does alcohol always taste better in glassware (that's why bottled beer always tastes better in bottles than cans, why serious homebrewers brew using glass carboys rather than plastic, why wine tastes better in a glass than a bathroom cup, etc etc etc) there is also the cultural/aesthetic EXPERIENCE of drinking. i don't think anyone who enjoys drinking would ever consider drinking from a plastic cup. and there are enough discriminating drinkers who will always insist (and rightfully so, say i) on using traditional glassware (martini glasses for martinis and so on). but i suppose it could go over well at sports bars ...
havi, Apr 28 2001

       Something to this effect may help to prevent the appearance of Date Rape Drugs at large parties in college towns.
DreamGoddess, Oct 19 2001

       One of my friends just uses one of these anyway, and one of the sucky type baby bottles. She mainly does this coz she loves them, its quite funny tho.
kaz, Oct 19 2001

       At least with a plastic cup it would be fairly difficult to glass or bottle someone...
darkflib, Oct 23 2003


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