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Flexi Glass

A glass split into several vertical compartments
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A glass with 2, 3 or more vertical compartments, separated by thin glass walls. The walls can be lifted to allow the liquids in any of the compartments to mix. When all walls are removed, it becomes an ordinary glass.

The split glass lets you enjoy different drinks at the same time without having to hold different glasses, and you have the option to pre-mix them or not.

Some possible mixes: different alcoholic drinks with cola; different fruit juices; different punches with syrup; ice tea with syrup; coffee with milk; drink with crushed ice and flavoring; various soups.

There are many possible arrangements for the glass walls, especially if they are curved. Elegant designs could add to the visual beauty of the glass.

baboo, May 07 2002


       Is it beer, then wine, then liquor... Or is it beer, then liquor, then wine... Or is it wine, then beer, then liquor... Or is it wine, then liquor, then beer... Or is it liquor, then beer then wine... Or is it liquor, then wine, then beer?
thumbwax, May 07 2002

       How do you sip from only one 'compartment' without spilling the others all over yourself? Straw?
waugsqueke, May 07 2002

       Yes, a straw for each compartment. Personally, I like having variety in what I drink, but I don't want to have to buy or drink several glasses worth of liquid, so this lets me moderate my quantity while having a good mix of flavors. And as thumbwax noted, the number of permutations allows some interesting possibilites, especially with fruit juices where adventurous mixtures are generally worthwhile.
baboo, May 08 2002

       I would like a stomach like this so I wouldn't have to mix my intakes until absolutely necessary.
FarmerJohn, May 08 2002

       Become a cow.
neelandan, May 08 2002

       Not much use to me, since I try to limit myself to one drink at a time.
waugsqueke, May 08 2002

       We are very interested in purchasing Flexi Glasses That is a drinking glass divided into 2 or 3 vertical compartments   

       Please have someone contact us or provide us with contact information prices for quantity purchase   

       Joe & Christine
EWSHOP, Aug 23 2002

       Looks like someone hasn't read the help page.
Joe & Christine, aka EWSHOP, this is not a real product. Perhaps you could conjure one up. How's Raven's hand?
angel, Aug 23 2002

       Would be a pain to clean. =(
my-nep, Oct 20 2003

       the dividing walls can be removed for cleaning so thats not a problem. the edges could have that ground glass effect for a neat seal. (even if the thought of the squeaky squeak gives me goose bumps)   

       missed this first time round - a really nice idea.
po, Oct 20 2003

       I feel bad for Joe & Christine. I've wanted non-existant things before and it's never any fun. Even if [baboo] started producing them, EWSHOP didn't leave any way to contact them. Oh well, back to making 3 trillion miles of rope.
Worldgineer, Oct 20 2003


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