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Better category suggestion welcome... btw... why doesn't spell-check work in Summary? ... I almost spelled "Sugestion" and would have looked like the Philistine I really am... can't have that now can we? I posted something I intend to do in a recent annotation and it has morphed and now deserves its own posting.
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I ordered the mylar I need to turn a twelve foot diameter parabolic dish reflective.
Turns out that ancient cultures once used shallow parabolic dishes to focus the cold of a clear night sky to turn pools of water into ice even in the summer.

I intend to test this out.

I have figured out how to collimate, (why does that flag as a misspelling?), the incoming light from a parabolic reflector to become a ray using a lenticular, (also flagged as a misspelling), funnel-shaped needle inserted from within focusing reflections themselves, which would create a ray from either cold or heat.

If I am right then the cold from a cloudless night sky can be concentrated and stored in a root-cellar beneath an ordinary root-cellar without a power source or compressed gas whatsoever, turning it into a passively powered freezer.

Prove me wrong.
...because I fully intend to test this out if you can't.

If collimated cold can be bounced from a flat mirror then... well screw Freon... and the power company.

glass beads to increase radiative performance https://www.science...ver-it-touches-10-c
For better performance, coat your freezer and/or radiator tube with glass beads about 8 micrometers embedded in a polymer [xaviergisz, Feb 01 2021]


       Oops. Sorry [jutta] it looks like I stumbled on another glitch, (hey, you line'm up and I'll trip on'm... my bad.)   

       I don't know what;
...yet I somehow figured out how to trigger it.

       If you could let me know what it means that would be cool with me.   

       That btw is in completely the wrong place [2fries]. A summary should be there. You trying to out [beanie], [beanie] with tricks?
wjt, Jan 31 2021


       Just bein me... and stumbling on glitches.   

       Same 'ol, same 'ol. Not on purpose I swear... but if there's a glitch...
...I "will" stumble on it.

       Shitty Super-Powers 101.
...an immersive class

       Copy the text your happy with, delete the whole entry. Redo the entry. Erase the glitch, The equivalent of switch it off and then on again. . I doubt the anomaly will reoccur. If it does then it's a problem. Our entries don't matter.   

       It's not like it's half a tile floor.
wjt, Jan 31 2021

       Here, I think you dropped these “ ” “ ” “ ” “ ”
pocmloc, Jan 31 2021

       + for such uniqueness
xandram, Jan 31 2021

       I'm not sure that your air will be clear enough for this to work; it's a desert-living trick (AFAIK). Good discussion on the "Cosmic Background Refrigeration" idea.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 31 2021

       Yes!... and so many cool links.
Thing is though, can cold be collimated? It's not waves or rays so it seems counter intuitive that it could even be amplified by a parabola yet alone turned into a beam but I will find out.

       I found a fellow here in town seems to think he can mill me a stainless steel lenticular needle shape.   

       hmmm, a mirrored cone might work better than a parabola in this case as it should create a focal line rather than a point. Inserting a needle, even a reflective one, into four thousand degrees or so is likely to vaporize the metal rather than reflect the light.   

       I think you're going to need to circulate fluid from your root- cellar freezer to the sky radiator. You might be able to do this with a low power (e.g. 4W) pump which is significantly better than a low power freezer (perhaps 25W).
xaviergisz, Feb 01 2021

       I wondered if I might not be able to circulate salt water using cold as a reverse thermosyphon heat pump.
If the lines snaked along the ceiling of the "freezer" then cold would descend from the lines until the room attained equilibrium with the temperature of the lines, if it was well insulated enough, drawing the warmer salt water upwards to be re-cooled.

       Cool link.   


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