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Fan Door

Inexpensive home cooling
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Fitting into the frame of a standard exterior door, this consists of an array of powerful fans occupying the whole area.

A steel exterior grille provides security; inside the grille is a fly screen.

When turned on, the system inducts large volumes of air into the house, raising the internal pressure slightly.

A sensor system turns the fans on when the exterior temperature is lower than the current interior temperature and above the interior temperature minimum setpoint.

If upstairs windows are left open, hot air will be displaced from the house, cooling it.

8th of 7, Jun 23 2010

Whole house fan http://www.wholehousefan.com/
Good. [bungston, Jun 23 2010]


       Such a thing exists and is called a "house fan". Rather than a door, where pets and children might stumble into the moving blades, it is placed in aforementioned upstairs and pointed out. Hot air is sent out of the house, the interior pressure is lowered and cool air makes its way in through wherever it can.   

       If, though, the house is closed up tight because the air conditioner has been on, one must remember to open a window or door to allow ingress of air, or whole house fan will overheat and die.
bungston, Jun 23 2010

       //Rather than a door, where pets and children might stumble into the moving blades,//   

       [+], then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2010

       Ah, [MB], you desire the version with the cat-flap-come-mincing-machine .....
8th of 7, Jun 23 2010

       Could this be used a front door 'welcoming' device for salesmen, Jehova's witnesses etc?   

       With the fans running at 'gentle breeze', the unwary double glazing / religion pusher approaches. Upon becoming aware of the visitor's purpose, the homeowner switches to 'assimilate': A large plastig bag drops behind the door as the fans spool up and the bag is quickly filled with unwelcome guest.   

       As a side benefit, the homeowner can sell cat food in 150 lb bags.
Twizz, Jun 24 2010

       // Have you invented the cat shredder yet? //   

       Shan't tell ...   

       [Twizz], alternatively, the homeowner could select Emergency Full Reverse, blowing the intruder off their feet.
8th of 7, Jun 24 2010

       half bake that Twizz, and I shall bun it.
Voice, Jun 24 2010


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