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Color Changing Wine

When exposed to air, it slowly changes color as you drink it.
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Call it "Rainbow Wine". This is how you'd make it:

Call a chemist. "Hello, chemist here."

"Hey chemist, I need some chemistry."

"Ahh, excellent, how much chemistry will you be needing today?"

"Enough to have a glass of wine change from red, to white, to blue, to pink and maaaayyybeeee, how about green once you expose it to air by pouring it in the glass."

"Hmm, that's tricky, that'll require quite a bit of chemistry. Luckily I'm a chemist and have plenty of time, especially on weekends while everybody else is out dating chicks. Do you have money?"

"Uhh... sure."

"Very good, I'll start working on it now."

NOTE: This has nothing to do with the link shown where somebody adds something to the drink to change the color. This cycles through different colors as it reacts to air once poured into the glass.

doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

Internet troll. https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Internet_troll
Injecting themselves into stranger's lives to get a feeling of empowerment. [doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020]


       //dating chicks//   

       21 July, two Dutch Bantams   

       22 July, four Rhode Island Reds.   

       24 July, eleven hybrids
pocmloc, Aug 01 2020

       This is perfectly practical; it merely involves changing the oxidation states of some organic dyes, using various metal catalysts.   

       You're not bothered about, er, toxicity at all, are you ?
8th of 7, Aug 01 2020

       The excuse is entertaining, but this would have been nearly trivial to flesh out. [-]
Voice, Aug 01 2020

       //You're not bothered about, er, toxicity at all, are you ?//   

       I never said it couldn't be highly toxic. You should get a good buzz out of it though.
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       You really are an obnoxious boring asshole.   

       If only there were someplace where people could post half-baked ideas and engage in friendly, light hearted chats about them just for fun.
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       That's a great idea, [Doc]. You could post it here as a new idea and then everyone can kick the virtual crap out of you for posting such a half-baked idea.
pocmloc, Aug 01 2020

       Guessing that people who like to kick "virtual crap" out of strangers are probably frustrated because they wouldn't fare too well in a real life, face to face conflict.   

       The toughest, smartest people I know are generally pretty nice folks.
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       Chill - Only Trump holds that particular title.
xenzag, Aug 01 2020

       What about us ? Don't we get a look in ?   

       Can we at least be "as bad as Hitler" ?   

       OK, if not Hitler, then how about Himmler, or Heydrich ?
8th of 7, Aug 01 2020

       "If everybody is Hitler, then nobody is Hitler."   

       So everybody should dress as Hitler?
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       //you’d have to make sure your chemist-induced color change doesn’t introduce any off-notes.//   

       I see the idea is finally sinking in as you're changing the criticism from "already exists" (it doesn't) to "Might taste funny." after playing the "You called me Hitler!" falsehood. (I never have.)   

       Let me clarify, I've modified the original idea. This would be highly toxic by design.   

       //if you insist on discussion...// you're kidding right?   

       See link.
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       Ha - a puny attempt to divert the topic away from the "who's more like Hitler debate.... Trump or kdf?" Meanwhile 8th is crying like a cow that's just peed on an electric fence. It's enough to drive you to multi coloured wine.
xenzag, Aug 01 2020

       Xen, just between me and you, please don't drink this particular multi colored wine. Here's the review from Fancy Wino Monthly:   

       "A highly toxic formulation with hints of death and a nose that hits the pallet like napalm. Although well balanced, the balance is between brutal 3rd degree chemical burns and instant death. Rated 4 stars out of 5 on the toxicity scale."
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       You're an idiot.
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       //You're an idiot// a useful response to any social situation!
pocmloc, Aug 01 2020

       PS [8th] can be assigned to be almost as bad as Goering's secretary's aunties cleaner's cat-groomer
pocmloc, Aug 01 2020

       // You're an idiot.   

       Knock it off!   

       Anyway I don't want my wine to change colour but I will acknowledge that other drinkers may.
tatterdemalion, Aug 01 2020

       //Knock it off!//   

       OK, group hug!
doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       //Group hug//   

       Knock it off!
Voice, Aug 01 2020

doctorremulac3, Aug 01 2020

       As I've mentioned before, I am completely stupid when it comes to alcohol, its taste and appreciation. The only thing I've ever learned for certain about any alcoholic drink is that a particular brand of beer comes from Clydesdales.   

       That being said, I know that I have seen websites touting the idea that certain colors of wine go best with certain foods; and if your wine is going to start changing colors when dispensed, you (a) probably don't want to dispense too much of it at once; (b) might need to have small sip-sized drinking glasses so you can down the dose at just the right color-moment; (c) might need several glasses, each with its own color-chart/timer to keep the meal from stretching on too long from having to start the timing over after each sip.   

       Judging from the popularity of the risk of toxicity of fugu, I would guess the best thing for this would be some parallel chemistry that leads to a (nearly) non-toxic moment right around the correct color- mark.   

       Some accelerometers and tilt-switchery along side the timer and colorimeter circuitry, and, in case of misjudgement, the glass could place your 911 call before you even put it down.
lurch, Aug 02 2020

       // 8th usually gets a pass for death and torture suggestions because he's clever, humorous, and works out the details. //   

       Is that meant to be some sort of compliment ? It sort-of reads like one. Sort of. But not entirely.   

       // almost as bad as Goering's secretary's aunties cleaner's cat-groomer //   

       Not bad enough. Nowhere near bad enough ...   

       // unfair to both 8th and cats //   

       Unfair to us, certainly; nothing wrong with being unfair to cats, evil disease-carrying flea hotels that they are ...   

       // Judging from the popularity of the risk of toxicity of fugu //   

       ... in a culture that espouses a whole range of bizarre social behaviours. Not that we have any objection to anything that holds out the prospect of killing off a few more of the evil, perverted little swine.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2020


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