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Color coded speed limit

Different colors for different speeds
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I know I find myself from time to time wondering what the speed limit is and having to wait until I see a road sign to adjust witch may be as far as 3-4 miles down the road.

my idea is that the white lane lines be color coded with either a color stripe or divided in half ( half white/half color in a sort of XXXWWW) to indicate the speed limit of that road

i ran this past some friends and they said that it may be confusing but I think it would only be a little confusing at first until people got use to the colors a commercial add would help

also this does not mean the end of speed limit signs it is just intended to remind people and also help people determine places where the speed limit drops like going near a school zone or into a town.

crash893, Aug 23 2004


       I like this because speed limit signs are few and far between on some roads.   

       It will also encourage 80 yr old grannies to watch where they're driving on the road and stop from veering into MY lane where I have to swerve and....   

       On the other hand, I have most of the streets in the city memorized as for the speed limit, if I dunno the speed I just go the speed everyone else is going. Not bad +.
swimr, Aug 23 2004

       The speed limit is SO easy to determine. It's simply (your speed) x 0.75. That works on highways, city roads, school zones, work zones, etc. perfectly.
phundug, Aug 23 2004

       COP: "Sir, do you know you're 10 mph above the speed limit?"
CRASH893: "Sorry, Officer, I didn't know the limit the sign's so far away."
COP: "But didn't you see the colored road stripes?"
CRASH893: "Oh, sorry, sir: colorblind."
COP: "Didn't you notice the tulips planted on the side of the road to indicate the 50 mph limit?"
CRASH893: "Gee, no Officer, I'm allergic to pollen so I try not to look at them."
COP: "How about the asphalt hum? It was put in there specifically for drivers like you to let you know you're speeding."
CRASH893: "Hows that? I'm sorry again officer, my tinnitus is acting up nowadays."
COP: "Well, how on God's green earth could you not notice the foot-deep YELLOW CUSTARD you've been DRIVING THROUGH for the last mile? It's funded by taxpayers like you and we didn't put it there for our health. Yellow custard MEANS 50 mph. You understand me?
CRASH983: "Oh my, I figured it's just some halfbakery stunt."
COP: "Would you mind getting out of the car? What's your license number please?"
phundug, Aug 23 2004


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