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Double sided speed-limit signs

painted in reverse on the back
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I realise speed limit signage is a controversial idea - some people need help, others just want those of us who need help to pay more attention.

But often, as I turn onto a highway (not a major one, but, you know, a 50 mph/80kph-type highway), I'll be watching for oncoming traffic and miss the posted speed limit sign. It probably said 80 kph, so I can probably go 90. But if it said 70, I could get done for speeding. If it said 90, I'll piss off everyone around me.

I look in my rear-view mirror, for some reason, to see if, by magic, I'll see the speed-limit retroactively, and by god the speed limit sign has the limit on BOTH SIDES! It's in reverse on the back-side, of course, and in red, so that oncoming traffic won't get confused, but I'm safe in the knowledge that I'm going an acceptable, if not strictly legal, speed.

I can't imaging people coming in the opposite lane looking way across the street and seeing a red "O8" on a sign and mistaking that for the speed limit, can you?

I might just go out with a bucket of red paint one day.

Matty, Jun 26 2002


       Please, no more signs. There are enough already. They're not that hard to miss.
dag, Jun 26 2002

       You are right, [blissmiss]. I'm not asking for more signs, just more sides. I don't agree that there are always enough signs. If you asked the average driver "what's the speed limit right here", I think they'd be unsure more often than not (except on the obvious roads, like in-town, or major highways).   

       Sorry it was unclear.
Matty, Jun 26 2002

       //I can't imaging people coming in the opposite lane looking way across the street and seeing a red "O8" on a sign and mistaking that for the speed limit, can you?//   

       mmm,, i dunno...
yamahito, Jun 26 2002

       [Matty] I know your not thinking of erecting more sign posts, just adding more print. I think it's a bad idea to encourage someone to take their eyes off of what's in front of them while driving. A glance in your mirrors for awareness is good but trying much else could be dangerous. As soon as the speed limit signs do it, then all of the other signs will feel jealous and follow.   

       How about a heads-up video playback of the last 1/2 mile?
dag, Jun 26 2002

       I know exactly what you mean, there does seem to be a tendency to site these signs at points where you are more preoccupied with navigating traffic streams than looking at the verges. I also agree that there is just too much signage, so the idea of giving you a second chance to read the same sign gets my vote.
IvanIdea, Jun 26 2002

       //everyone goes away a winner.//   

       That's spelt whiner, bliss..
yamahito, Jun 26 2002

       I'm against this idea as unsafe for reasons mentioned by dag. Pay more attention when you enter a highway.
waugsqueke, Jun 27 2002

       my driving instructor used to say to me "they spend £2,000 erecting those signs and you just *b****y" well ignore them"
po, Jun 27 2002

       Apart from anything else, on two-way roads in UK the reverse of the sign shows the new limit for traffic going the other way.
angel, Jun 27 2002


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