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Colour Changing Fur Coat

Warmer colours in Winter and Cooler in Summer
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Siamese cats and Himalayan rabbits have a gene mutation (see Link) which causes a gradual colour shift when subjected to a change of ambient temperature. In a nutshell, they turn darker and fortuitously more heat-absorbing when temperatures drop and turn lighter and more heat-reflecting when temperatures rise. This partially explains why a Siamese's ears, tail and other extremities are darker than the rest of the body.

I propose utilizing this feature in designing a range of fur coats which adapt to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature over a wider range of the year. To more sensitive readers, I suggest that the manufacturing method should be my Cruelty Free Fur Coat idea (Link) but I will leave it to [8th of 7] to propose more pragmatic alternatives.

AusCan531, Oct 19 2011

Colour changing cats and rabbits http://www2.gi.alas...Forum/ASF8/836.html
[AusCan531, Oct 19 2011]

Cruelty Free Fur Coat manufacturing method Cruelty_20free_20Fur_20Coats
Blatant cross-promotion of own ideas. [AusCan531, Oct 19 2011]


       //Pigment generation requires that the animal be alive, yes?//   

       Hmmm, p'raps that WOULD pose a few difficulties to the seamstress. Either that, or it will necessitate the inclusion of a lot of extra plumbing for nutrient supplies to the inner lining of the garment. In any case, all manufacturing processes can expect to face some sort of technical challenges.
AusCan531, Oct 19 2011

       In that case, shedding may be a problem, but at least stains would dissapear after a while.
scad mientist, Oct 19 2011

       I'm taking bets on how long it'll take His Borgness to find this
not_morrison_rm, Oct 19 2011

       So, it's basically a Global Hypercolour coat then.
marklar, Oct 19 2011


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