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Colour Coded Blades

forget your disposable razor head blues (or greens or reds)
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Often, when I'm standing in front of the racks and racks of razor heads in the shop I completely forget which type of handle I have at home. Consequently my bathroom cabinet has a couple of "clips" of razor heads that do not fit the handles I own... and they ain't cheap.

So, Instead of calling new generations of razor the "Excel Sensor Stealth Diamond II" they should just make 'em a different colour so that blade selection is easy? E.G The orange head fits the orange handle...

And they could still call them any old daft name they like?

Spidergoat, May 24 2001


       Although this is of no concern to me personally (old-fashioned flat two-edged 'Wilkinson'-pattern blade-user) it's so simple that it gets my pastry.
Trouble is, I suspect that they actually *want* you to buy blades for a handle which you don't have, because then you might buy one so as not to waste the blades. Even if you don't, they've already got your money for the blades, so they can't lose.
You might try returning them to the retailer for exchange.
angel, May 24 2001

       My upper lip is too stiff to consider returning them.   

       Which has the beneficial side effect of making it easy to shave.
Spidergoat, May 24 2001

       All your blade...
angel, May 24 2001

       For the love of god, how hard is it to remember what blade you have? It shouldn't be one of life's major obstacles.
MuddDog, Jun 07 2001

       Um, it isn't. I'm just slightly doughy...
Spidergoat, Jun 07 2001


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