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razor blade de-sharpener

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Well searching for a drillbit in a box of nails and screws I always seem to discover the lone stray razor blade that sneaks up on me. After the typical ritual blood sacrifice my core instinct is to do everything in my power to destroy the blade that cut me. All you can do is throw it away because the prospect of teaching the blade a lesson with a vice grip or other tool only promises more pain. Razor blades are dangerous. Naturally it only makes sense to create a new tool to declaw them, stripping their ability to harm anyone ever again.

Razor Blade De-Sharpening Tool

vfrackis, Apr 02 2012

laser directed lightning http://www.newscien...s&nsref=online-news
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012]


       I always buy mine with the blade sharpened only on the inside, it's much safer.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2012

       I have just such a thing. It's called a beard.
angel, Apr 03 2012

       Cheap razor blades are very brittle and snap in half surprisingly easily.
mitxela, Apr 03 2012

       But they will stay sharp enough even when broken. This is quite a difficult problem, I think. Heat them?
Ling, Apr 03 2012

       Leave them half submerged in a glass of water overnight.
mitxela, Apr 03 2012

       so you propose to do this in which way?
po, Apr 03 2012

       ...sharps bin?
Loris, Apr 03 2012

       One of those really expensive ceramic sharpeners will do it for you.   

       I think it's called a "brick".
lurch, Apr 03 2012

       A file, coarse whetstone, grinding wheel, concrete floor, scrap of cast iron, handy rock from the driveway, [The Alterother]'s personality, or the threads of a good-sized hex bolt are all hard and abrasive enough to serve this purpose. Where is the invention here, and more significantly, why?   

       [Loris]'s suggestion is the method I employ, and it works quite well. You can even buy 100-count packs of utility blades (which, given the context, I assume is what is meant by "razors") with a handy dispenser that has a slot for used blades in the back.
Alterother, Apr 03 2012

       Utility blades yes all types.   

       The invention is a tool purpose made to remove/ blunt the sharp cutting edge. I envisioned and neglected to describe a device that grinds the sharpness off. You drop the blade in an enclosed housing. Maybe a handheld device spring loaded scissor like. I want the experience of destroying the blade to be gratifying and safe. Water would take too long i think.
vfrackis, Apr 03 2012

       Re: abrasive tools. Dull the blade with an 18" bastard file until you are safely gratified, then drop it in a sharps container. Wear leather work gloves.   

       When my sharps container is full, I dump it into my scrap metal dumpster for pick-up, but I'm aware that not everyone owns a welding shop. Regardless, your local scrap dealer will gladly pay you a few bucks for a bucket of old blades, whether dulled or sharp. You can even safely throw them into the garbage can by simply putting them inside an empty jar, can, or cardboard box. I once saw a co- worker make an impromtu sharps container by cutting a slit in an empty soda can with the very blade he wished to discard, then pushing the blade all the way through. Once it's in there, the chance of it finding its way out is ridiculously low.   

       It seems the solution to your conundrum lies in safe handling and storage of used sharps, rather than in a complicated method of decommissioning them.
Alterother, Apr 03 2012

       Some sort of anti-pyramid?
spidermother, Apr 03 2012

       //not everyone owns a welding shop// And whose fault is that? Come the Revolution, "your" welding shop will belong to the People.
mouseposture, Apr 03 2012

       //come the revolution//   

       A decent self-respecting revolution should damn well be *born* in a welding shop, the child of sweat and hammers and "how can we make this work" - rather than being the illegitimate offspring of a shopping trolley and a lawn sprinkler Occupying the city park.   

       <pulls plug on incipient rant>
lurch, Apr 03 2012

       ^ agreed. I'll happily volunteer my shop for any sort of revolutionary purposes, as long as you clean up when you're done.
Alterother, Apr 04 2012

       Thinking back on 1970's solutions, they used to promote (sell?) a small pyramid to keep razors sharp if you put it in the centre of the base. Some people are still doing it now - see link.   

       So, it must be possible to use the same effect to make them blunt <starts experimenting with an anti-pyramid made from a cereal packet>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       ^^^^^ Ahem.
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       Nasty cough you have there...still trying to get the gilt right on the miniature mummy case..hang, surely I need an anti-pharoah as well?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       As the embalmer said to the mummy ...
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       Tut Tut Tut..   

       Anyway, I raise you one laser directed lightning wossername..useful for ermm..er ..er...it'd keep the slugs down..(and I suppose you could use it to erode the cutting edge of a razor, if I have to think something vaguely practical) see link
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       The correct answer is "You'll keep".   

       Dear Jutta,
Thank you for the nemesis I have broken it already.
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       //I have just such a thing. It's called a beard. -- angel, Apr 03 2012//

If you have a beard that implies you don't shave - so how does your razor get blunt?
hippo, Apr 04 2012

       Erm that was the old pharonic name joke. Tut, being the one between Akhenaten and Kheperkheperure Ay, according to wikipedia, so it must be true.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       <Tap tap> Is this thing on? Yes, I got the King Tut reference, but "As the embalmer said to the mummy, 'You'll keep'".
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       That's worse than my joke..I'm favourably impressed.   

       I've just noticed you did the anti-pyramid before me. <exit stage left, head bowed, no bears - due to the cut-backs>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       Finally. You stole my anno, but apparently failed to notice. Hence my attempt to point out your theft, which you failed to notice. Hence my veiled threats, which you also failed to notice. Hence my nemesis appears to be broken. (Or is that what I want you to think I think you think I think?)
spidermother, Apr 04 2012

       [hippo], I have a beard, that collection of hair which tends to grow on the chin and cheeks of the adult male human. Use of a razor ensures that said beard remains at maximal shortness. The enbluntification of said razor is consequent.
angel, Apr 04 2012

       These alternative suggestions are all well and good but they take no account of vfrackis' obvious talent for self harm.

Rather than obtaining any or all of these additional dangerous devices on which to disable yourself you should take advantage of your obvious cack-handedness and start using superglue more often. If you haven't got anything that needs sticking together then break something (you should be good at that) and then stick it back together again with superglue.

After a couple of days of this sort of thing the tips of your fingers will be coated in a nice, protective layer of the stuff. You need never suffer the depredations of an ambushing razor blade ever again.

In fact, the viciously sharp razor blade may become your best friend as it will probably be the only tool you've got that can help to remove all the things that you've got stuck to your fingers.

As an additional bonus, your fingerprints will disappear too, so a rich and fulfilling career of housebreaking and car theft becomes a tempting possibility.
DrBob, Apr 04 2012

       //Or is that what I want you to think I think you think I think?) — spidermother,//   

not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       I'm glad I'm not the only one to get annoyed when that happens.
Loris, Apr 04 2012

       I find it a bad sign that nobody ever steals mine, I mean, that rotating superconducting cheese, there's gotta be something in it?   

       Thinking about it, what you really need is a small pyramid with reversible polarity. You could turn it to setting 1 to blunt the razors, the setting 2 to sharpen them up for a shave. Or something like that.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 04 2012

       //I find it a bad sign that nobody ever steals mine, I mean, that rotating superconducting cheese, there's gotta be something in it?//   

       I retro-plagerised that from you years ago, only for you to delete your anno.
Loris, Apr 08 2012


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