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Combination Themepark Ghost-Ride and Tanning Salon

Save time, save money!
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Themepark ghost rides are always full of black (UV) lights, to give everything that eerie glow. Why not build one with reclining cars, invite riders to strip down to their undies, and "kill two birds with one stone"? It'd save energy, too. Riders could choose tracks of various lengths depending on the amount of tanning they desired. Of course, longer tans would be scarier; but anyone who's read anything about skin cancer, premature aging, etc., and _still_ wants a long tan has to be pretty courageous (or foolhardy) to begin with.
Ander, Sep 09 2000


       Why do I think a long ride in a reclining car where the participants are encouraged to strip will be.. misused..?
Curt, Sep 11 2000

       Curt- look at PeterSealy's comment and it might provide a reason why it *wouldn't* be misused. The average themepark ghost rider would probably be quite a turnoff.   

       Misusing such a ride would also be less likely when it became clear that more of those average themepark ghost riders were probably actually *watching* you and your partner misuse the ride.   

       Then again, it'd be a great hit for exhibitionists......
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       ...And lots of rides of this type have live actors. Also, a decently scary ride will cause your pallor to pale somewhat, and negate the tanning.
nick_n_uit, Nov 05 2000

       Guess that rules out the Disney parks.
Ander, May 08 2003

       Come to think of it, I've seen so many scary-looking, prematurely-aged people emerging from tanning salons, it may already be easy enough to get scared and tanned in one place. (After a while, one could simply look in the mirror, for that matter.)
Ander, Aug 04 2007


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