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Rip the motor out of a mechanical buckaroo and replace it with a Triumph Bonneville T140Ve 750cc engine.

Charge it up by wrist wrenching the throttle attached to the right bull's horn, pull in the clutch on the left horn and proceed to gear change with the stirrups.

With a Top speed of 111mph (with wheels) and @ 7,000rpm, it'll surely be one hell of a ride for Granny at sixpence a BuckerUmph.

skinflaps, Feb 18 2006

Triumph Bonneville T140V http://life.csu.edu...ersonal/triumph.jpg
I was unable to locate an image of a VE model [normzone, Feb 19 2006]

George http://en.allexpert...837/carburaters.htm
The Mechanic that needs to learn about saddlery [skinflaps, Feb 23 2007]


       vroom, vrooom!
po, Feb 18 2006

       So is it still bucking, or only when you go over potholes?
DrCurry, Feb 18 2006

       Love the trumpets, a distinctive sound, although your bull is going to leak oil.
normzone, Feb 19 2006

       My Bonnie lies under my Bucker
My Bonnie lies under that seat...
wagster, Feb 19 2006

       [+] love the image of Granny holding on.
xandram, Feb 19 2006

       Great visual. Kinda made me car sick there for a moment, we were going so fast.
blissmiss, Feb 19 2006

skinflaps, Feb 24 2007

Flying Doom Squid, Aug 22 2007

       Because Granny needs a bit of "umph" in her life.
skinflaps, Aug 22 2007


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