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Combined Taser & AED

Add defibrilator functionality to a Taser
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The Taser is a device that fires two barbs into a person then rapidly oscillates Voltage between the barbs via the connected conductors. This Voltage causes involuntary contraction of skeletal muscles and therefore abolishes the presumably nefarious voluntary actions that were being carried out up to that point. The Taser is designed not to interfere with cardiac function for fairly obvious reasons.

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) IS designed to interfere with cardiac function, it mainly functions to synchronize chaotic electrical activity in the heart, which is a common and often lethal feature of heart attacks. AEDs are found in many public places, airports, convention centers etc. but lives could definitely be saved if they were more common. Fundamentally, the Taser & AED are quite similar, so what if we combined the two?

Imagine a Taser that functions as a normal Taser for most of the time, but "oh no! is that person having a heart attack? Officer!" The officer draws his Tazer, pulls a special one-time pin to enable AED mode. A rod pulls out from the Unit and is placed at the bottom of the breast bone for ideal targeting/spacing. "Pop!' the barb go in, either side of the heart. The AED software monitors the electrical activity and if appropriate, delivers a defibrillating shock.

The idea behind this is that you get hundreds of thousands of AEDs into the public space, in the hands of the police, they're already targeted to trouble spots and crowds where more heart attacks might be suspected. The idea behind the one-time pin means that the Taser can't be turned into a lethal weapon, then back again without significant trouble, it should have to go back to the factory. Maybe the pin also turns on a bright LED or some other indication to demonstrate what mode it is in.

bs0u0155, Mar 22 2021


       In picturing Samuel L Jackson responding to an emergency, aiming one of these at a prone victim declaring "I said CLEAR mothafucka!"
21 Quest, Mar 22 2021

       //picturing Samuel L Jackson //   

       He's more of the age where he'd need an AED rather than be in the business of aggressively misusing them.
bs0u0155, Mar 22 2021

       True, now he's like a Bond villain rather than a Bond villain's henchman.
21 Quest, Mar 22 2021

       //In picturing Samuel L Jackson responding to an emergency, aiming one of these at a prone victim declaring "I said CLEAR mothafucka!"//   

       Lol! Crazy how clearly the picture of your proposed scene popped into my head.
doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2021

       Awesome idea!
Voice, Mar 23 2021

       This invention would also allow users of tasers to use the phrase "Set tasers to 'stun'"
hippo, Mar 24 2021

       Nice, defibrilating contagious patients from a distance.   

       Zombie virus wouldn't handle electricity too well, as weak nerve pathways would be on the edge of decay because their only energy source is slow body decomposition.   

       But if some of the electricity can be captured and energize the body, I could be horribly wrong.
wjt, Mar 26 2021

       This calls for experimentation...
21 Quest, Mar 26 2021


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