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Electric Spider Web

Lot safer version of SuperSoaker Cattle Prod
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I thought about the liquid conductor stun gun before, that the whole concept was too dangerous. What if there is a leak or some water spill on the user. Plus in order to work, you need to maintain a steady stream of water flow, you plan to carry a gallon of water on you all of time?

Here is a better version. Instead of water, use conductive polymer liquid similar to spider silk, which solidify when contacting air. The polymer wire will stick to the target "victim" like glue and electricity will flow freely across the wire. If you missed the first time, release the switch and the wire will break. You can then fire again. Make a neat electrical fence, if you can find way not to cross the wire and stick them between two walls.

bing, Mar 15 2002

mostly baked http://www.keconnec...mack/Electronic.htm
How about this for a disclaimer "The manufacturer does not recommend that the TASER be used against persons with a history of epilepsy or heart problems" [IvanIdea, Mar 15 2002]

Introduction to Stun Guns http://www.howstuff...s.com/stun-gun4.htm
[bing, Mar 18 2002]

Taser User Manual http://www.taser.co..._Manual/MManual.htm
[bing, Mar 18 2002]

Dual Shot Taser http://www.taser.com/Laur/Report.html
[dag, Mar 18 2002]


       This would have to very specialized stuff. It starts out liquid, dries in air but is still sticky. It's heavy enough to be cast a considerable distance, and conducts electricty.   

       I think it might be easier to get one of those tasers that shoots the electrode, which is tethered to a little wire.   

       I wonder too if a "silly string effect", where this stuff piles up on top of each other, would cause a short-circuit, and thereby bypass your intended target, since this stuff is so conductive.
lumpy, Mar 15 2002

       What a wonderful idea, incorporate aluminium powder into silly string, attach a can of it to a cattle prod and away you go-should really break the ice at parties.
IvanIdea, Mar 16 2002

       And hope that the two streams don't touch near the outlet...silly string is amazingly flammable, in large part because it uses propane and butane as propellants...
StarChaser, Mar 17 2002

       Special celebration edition, replace the aluminium with magnesium powder.........
IvanIdea, Mar 18 2002

       There are condutive epoxy in the market for circuit boards. The whole point of liquid polymer design is that it can be fired continuously. Taser can fire only once. If you missed, that would be it.
bing, Mar 18 2002

       There are multiple shot (multiple cartridge) tasers.   

       Back to the conductive polymer, good idea. It has potential. heh   

       Combine with a pepper foam spray for added effect.
dag, Mar 18 2002

       Dag- I did google search on "MUTLI TASER" and WWW.TASER.COM. There are not multi-shot taser. Maybe you could got that from their secret research paper.
bing, Mar 18 2002

       [bing], THERE ARE MULTI SHOT TASERS. I've used one! Just because you can't find it on the internet, that means it doesn't exist?   

       The Tasertron TE-86/95 tasers provide two sets of darts. There are also tasers that have more than two sets being used for military purposes. Some of these have up to 10 shot capacities. I don't say something if I can't back it up.   

       Some useful information on various tasers [link]   

       There are numerous ways to defend against taser type weapons, and if a criminal knows he will be confronted with non-lethal force only, you are in trouble. The silly string (if gooey) adds a new dimension which would be hard to counter.
dag, Mar 18 2002

       Thanks dag. Goes to show internet is not omnipotent. What is the idea of silly string that everyone carries in their mind. Silly string are intended to inflate under normal atomsphere to bring out its effect. All the device need are two continuous wires. If the everthing works, wire created might be transparent and invisible. Everyone shall have the experiense seeing crazy glue string form when you pull apart two glued surface away from each other.
bing, Mar 20 2002


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