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Commanding MMORPG RTS

A game where you command groups
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This is a game where you try to raise as large an army as possible. You start out in command of one avatar, the group leader, and four soldiers. You can write AI scripts for your soldiers. These scripts are called orders. You have default orders, and different commands that you can order soldiers with. You can also jump into any soldier you command. You have a default AI script for your avatar when you are not commanding it.

If the avatar you are commanding at any time dies, that's it. No more.

If you so desire, you can pledge allegience to another group leader. A group leader who commands other group leaders is called a commander. Your commander can then issue you commands, which, of course, are AI scripts. You can choose to follow them or not. Also, the commander can take control of your avatar at any time, and you cannot prevent this. The commanders avatar is then left to its default AI scripts.

A commander can in turn command any soldier of a group leader that they command. This allows commander to jump into any unit they command. They can also jump back up the hierarchy at any point. But it is still dangerous to jump into units; if you die in any unit, your original avatar is left to his AI scripts.

However, when you come back with a new avatar, other players are still free to pledge allegiance to you.

The idea is to command ever larger armies though politics and allegiances. Try to get people to defect and fight for you.

lawpoop, Apr 24 2005

Natural Selection http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns/
This closest thing I can think of is Natural Selection. A "Commander" takes control of a group of space marines (also players), and duke it out against a bunch of aliens. Lotsa fun. [BladeDanger, Apr 26 2005]


       Sounds dreadfully dull but then I don't appreciate the role playing games much.
bristolz, Apr 24 2005

       Well, if you're into political struggles and beating up other people you might get into this.
lawpoop, Apr 24 2005

       This has a mild appeal to me, like the beginning of the conquerors' campaigns in Age of Empires. It seems more integral to the game, as you put it, rather than to the AOE scenario setup.
reensure, Apr 25 2005

       It'd work, if online gamers were into politics and allegiances. In reality you're going to get dialogue more like this:
"LOL ROFLMAO, pwn3d, w00t"
"stfu n00b, spawn camper, AFK"
david_scothern, Apr 25 2005

       play starcraft
10clock, Apr 25 2005

       I like the idea of writing AI scripts as a means of controlling your army. Especially if the system was clever enough to allow for flocking or formational behaviours.
zen_tom, Apr 25 2005

       Hey, if you like it, will you rate it up?
lawpoop, Apr 25 2005

       [10clock] -- Is starcraft anything like the game I described? No, not at all.
lawpoop, Apr 25 2005


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