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Commemorative Holy Condiment Set

Squeeze the word of the lord
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Refillable via twist-top heads, this set of three condiment dispensers sits on your dining room table/prison meal area so that you may taint your meals with the tasty secondary secretions of the lord.

Each dispenser stands approximately 12 inches high and is made entirely of plastic - each designed to look like Pope John Paul II, in varying stages of his life.

The recently deceased version is a stylised replica of him hunched and wrinkled - simply lift his robe and squeeze mayonaisse onto your meal via a small aperture in the holy arse region.

For tomato sauce/ketchup etc the second statue/dispenser oozes flavour from several holes in his chest - post assassination attempt.

The third dispenser is encased in a bullet-proof like condiment pope mobile, whereby if you wish to spread the contents onto your meal, you must open the see through case, remove and squeeze.

benfrost, May 14 2005

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       You're so going to hell, you know that don't cha?
blissmiss, May 14 2005

       Relish these moments.   

       but what's in the third dispenser?
hippo, May 14 2005

       extra virgin oil
po, May 14 2005

       ...puts the "Mmmm!" into "immaculate"...
hippo, May 14 2005

       you have to admire the conception.
po, May 14 2005

       yes, it's immaculate.
normzone, May 14 2005


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