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Condiment dispenser

Dispense condiments w/ a water gun.
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The Condiment Dispenser takes the form of a water gun and you can shoot toppings onto foods. If you can't reach a hot dog but want mustard on it you use the Condiment Dispenser and shoot the mustard onto the hot dog.
robomole, May 31 2001


       If I can't reach a hot dog, I don't care whether it has mustard, horseradish, sauce diane or whipped cream on it. This would only be any use if it had a remote control so you could shoot mustard onto your dog when you can't reach the mustard dispenser.
angel, May 31 2001

       We could bring back the roller-skate drive-up restaurant, except the decor would be vaguely industrial and the employees would all be dressed like Quake characters and squirt condiments onto your food from across the room.   

       When they brought the order to your table or car, they would come up to you and growl "Who wants some?".
wiml, May 31 2001

       Baked. Mcdonalds (and probably most other fast food chains) already use 'gun' type devices to squirt a blob of ketchup/mustard onto their burgers. This means that the job is faster, more accurate, and the sauce comes out in a nice little flower shape.
HowardMarks, May 31 2001

       Trouble reaching your hot dog? Restoration Hardware sells what appears to be a normal fork, but with the flick of your wrist... ta-da!... telescoping fork!
okie dokie, Jul 21 2002


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