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Leaning Tower of Ketchup

Sauce bottle support
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Built to resemble its famous Pisa namesake, the Leaning Tower of Kechup, will solve the problem of extracting the last remnants of the precious flavour that usually lies stubbornly stuck at the bottom of the bottle.

In future you will simply slide your nearly empty bottle upside-down inside the Leaning Tower replica, where it will remain at the perfect angle until ready for use.

xenzag, Oct 08 2008

Leaning Tower of Pisa http://www.discover...g_Tower_of_Pisa.jpg
the perfect angle for ketchup recovery [xenzag, Oct 08 2008]

although they have made these, yours is much better + http://www.epinions...queeze_Bottle_20_Oz
[xandram, Oct 08 2008]

although yours is a leaning tower, this is much cuter http://di2.shopping...977-100x100-0-0.jpg
baby bear on it's back, seeming to drink from held bottle [loonquawl, May 13 2009]


       noway, I spent decades mastering the art of upside-down ketchup bottle balancing.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2008

       [xenzag] = practical to a fault. Does anyone else here have as many buns?
phoenix, Oct 08 2008

       //Does anyone else here have as many buns? //   

       Yes. Not me, but others, certainly.   

       As to the idea, it's an upside down ketchup holder. It holds the ketchup upside down. That's what it does. The fact that it looks like something else *entirely unrelated* makes it all the more pointless as an idea.   

       Sorry [-]
theleopard, Oct 08 2008

       Should be adaptable for bottles containing Brown sauce, or Mustard ...
8th of 7, Oct 08 2008

       It's pure Art!
xandram, Oct 08 2008

       Wonderul. With other additions for other types of bottles, or maybe a plastic snap clip that keeps the bottle closed.
devnull, May 13 2009

       I like this idea as part of a psychological test on how near to an existing product an idea can be to still be considered novel and/or good. On a scale of closeness i mark this idea a 8.5 (0 being something never-heard-of, that does something never-heard-of and 10 being a ketchup holder that holds the bottles at 89.999° rather than 90° for no purpose) and vote [-].   

       Also, see [link]
loonquawl, May 13 2009

       Don't all modern ketchup bottles sit upside down by design?
threelefts, May 13 2009

       //Don't all modern ketchup bottles sit upside down by design?// Yeah, but this one has the additional contrivance of looking a bit like a famous italian landmark. Other building-ketchup crossovers might include bottles that look like the Gherkin (though that might be reserved for the storage of actual Gherkins), or Big Ben (though that would be best utilised for HP Sauce), or The Empire State building - basically, pick a tower, and then imagine sauce coming out of it.
zen_tom, May 13 2009

       //basically, pick a tower, and then imagine sauce coming out of it// You're very saucy yourself these days, or is that vinegar?.... it's not that serious you know. May a little more sunshine come your way :-)
xenzag, May 13 2009

       It's not vinegar, I can assure you - just having a little fun (that anno was supposed to be funny, in a kind of dead-pan way) - it's not serious at all.   

       Having said that, I will take you up on that sunshine : )
zen_tom, May 14 2009

       How about the Frank Ghery ketchup squeezable container? It doesent' matter how badly you squeeze it, throw it, smash it or bend it, It will still look like a Frank Ghery building...
noyola, May 16 2009


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