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Commercial Biodiversity Arks

Harnessing the power of economics, for the ends of science!
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Rather than sending scientists off to remote locations to find dna samples, just get them to nip down to the nearest discount supermarket and buy up the cheap meat products.

Pretty much every kind of meat is bound to end up in those products over time.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2013


       Speaking as a scientist who has never, yet, been sent off to a remote location to find DNA samples, I'm against this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 11 2013

       Six months ago, this would have been topical. Now, it's simply the Halfbakery equivalent of treppenwitz.   

       (Snark, snark. Sorry.)
ytk, Aug 11 2013

       //Six months ago, this would have been topical.   

       I think will always be topical. 1862 example   

       "... almost without exception, sell bread adulterated with alum, soap, pearl ashes, chalk, Derbyshire stone-dust, and such like agreeable nourishing and wholesome ingredients...in consequence of these adulterations, the poor man, who lives on two pounds of bread a day, does not now get one fourth part of nourishing matter, let alone the deleterious effects on his health.”
not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2013


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