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Commercial Flashback Marathon

Marathon TV, with old commercials
  [vote for,

A TV Marathon with commercials from 20 years before the original movie. Many of these companies are still in business, and the only reason you would ever not skip their most recent commercials is if they were not and they held some nostalgic value for you. Since you’re already in nostalgia mode, the companies have already got you primed for their message.

I’d like to watch Harry Potter and see commercials from 35 years ago. The anachronism would be really cool in that context.

nomocrow, Jan 06 2019

Atomic Cold Cream https://youtu.be/unbeLMd5vQY
Get that nuclear fallout out of your pores [Klaatu, Jan 06 2019]


       Sort of semi baked by anyone who still has a VCR & tapes of a favorite film they recorded off the TV sometime in the 1980's.
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       Adverts for British Rail and British Leyland ? Harp lager ? Trophy bitter ? Tobacco adverts ? "ADIS - don't die of dyslexia ?" ?   

       When the resultant rioting is eventually suppressed, they're going to come looking for you, and it won't be to nominate you for a BAFTA.
8th of 7, Jan 06 2019

       There's some old flake adverts I wouldn't mind seeing again <wistful>   

       Though they might remind me that they don't look like that anymore, so how much time has passed, which would make me feel old <glum>
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       But you are old ... or at least, older ...   

       Just how much older do you want to feel ? Think of it this way; this year, there will be people old enough to vote who weren't even born when the WTC was destroyed.   

       The paisley-pattern dressing gown, carpet slippers, and tartan blanket for your knees are in the post. Included is a list of phrases to rehearse, such as "These <brand name> biscuits don't taste like they used to", "I remember when the weather in <season> was quite different" and "Who are you ? You're not my son ... they're taking my clothes, you know ... have I had my tea yet ? Who are you ?".
8th of 7, Jan 06 2019

       Yes, allegedly, but I do a very good job of lying to myself about that, most days, as long as I avoid any obvious evidence to the contrary, mirrors can be a problem of course.
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       //Think of it this way; this year, there will be people old enough to vote who weren't even born when the WTC was destroyed//   

       You utter, utter.. utter "person born out of wedlock"! you know until you said that I'd never even thought that <sigh>   

       Clearly I've hung around too long, I'll just go outside & dig a hole then, just have [Max] send Sturton round in the morning to fill it in.
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       // mirrors can be a problem of course //   

       ... as is finding your car keys, remembering the PIN for your cash card, and making sure you're never too far from a toilet - just in case.   

       // I'd never even thought that. //   

       <Gleeful sniggering/>   

       // have [Max] send Sturton round in the morning to fill it in. //   

       He may fill in the hole for the look of the thing, but we assure you that your mortal remains will be trundled away in his wheelbarrow to his "laboratory" ...
8th of 7, Jan 06 2019


       You mean the servants kitchen don't you?
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       None of the phrases you've suggested ring any bells, howsoever, regarding Mars bars "how much! I remember when they were 20p" has been known to pass my lips.
Skewed, Jan 06 2019

       There are people who genuinely think The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars film, and can't remember a time when there was no Harry Potter ...
8th of 7, Jan 06 2019


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