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Community Secret Ballot

Online site for secret ballot open only to community members
  [vote for,

Creator adds emails for voters. Or: Gives a link to request to join.

The email sent out includes a unique ID and unique link back for each voter.

Voting results shown only after a certain number of voters joined. Or after a certain amount of days passed. Or both.

Current number of participants is shown on top of page.

One can re-enter their vote and change it or remove it.

One can re-request their participation email.

The creator's cannot erase or access any of the voting data. Once a vote started questions cannot change. A questionare can be duplicated and so can a "community" list of emails.

An automatic warning telling the voters to read the poll and check that no questions are revealing their identity cannot be removed from the top of the page.

A widget will be available for FB, Wordpress, etc. to show current condition of vote.

The premium will include statistics about the results across questions (how many male participants with a PhD wanted the vanilla ice cream etc.)

pashute, Aug 28 2016




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