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Zerg Rush Voting

Distributed Denial of Democracy
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Those who are a position to influence the impressionable can direct them to block vote, thus drowning out everyone else's selections. I'm thinking junior school teachers, chain email writers and tutors of pensioner computer classes.

Why? These puppet masters would have an opportunity to improve their perception of self-worth and power (which are obviously starting from a low base given their occupations) so they don't feel the need to commit more destructive acts. One obvious benefit would be fewer drinks being thrown at Reese Witherspoon's car.

oscil8, May 05 2012


       This is basically what the Conservative Party of Canada is accused of in the last federal election. They used calling machines to send people who indicated they were voting otherwise to the wrong polling stations.
rcarty, May 05 2012

       Isn't this the basic operation of all present-day democracies?
pocmloc, May 05 2012

       // pensioner computer classes //   

       Read: 'target-rich environment'   

       "… so today's lesson is about online banking, and how to send money to someone else. So, if you'll all please log on…"
8th of 7, May 05 2012

       Dang this was supposed to be +100 already. Now I know how Capt Bligh felt
oscil8, May 06 2012

       Maybe Captain Bligh didn't have a proofreader.
FlyingToaster, May 06 2012

       100+ may have been a bit of an unrealistic goal, me thinks.
blissmiss, May 06 2012

       // 100+ may have been a bit of an unrealistic goal, me thinks //   

       Not with my slave army of senior citizens - fly my pretties!   

       Er - make that "shamble my wrinklies and mind your back when lifting anything off the floor"
oscil8, May 06 2012


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