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wide ties with keyboards
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You've all seen Dilbert's tie. Its curvature is slightly strange but still endearing.

Image if you could install a computer on that tie. It's a desk-free way to be online all of the time.

A battery recharge would occur by putting it back on the electric tie rack.

fivesixseveneight, Oct 09 2002


       Either the computer aparatus would have to be extremely light or the tie would have to be rigid, in order to prevent the wearer sporting the "bullied-schoolboy microknot" look.
calum, Oct 09 2002

       What do you think Oliver Hardy was doing, those many years ago? Note that Stan Laurel kept his in his hat.   

       You missed the tie-in (npi) to the solar array overcoat, too.
phoenix, Oct 09 2002

       Electric Tierack for recharging gizmo ties? *That*, I'd vote for.
yamahito, Oct 09 2002

       This has been here before. Trying to locate it... necktie PDA, I believe it was. Perhaps it's been yanked.
waugsqueke, Oct 09 2002


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