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Computer Aided Analog Design

for people who like to work on paper, with the amenities of CAD
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Drawing on paper has many advantages, and sometimes is simply more pleasing. I propose a ruler with a keypad and a small display on top, and the inner workings of at least three optical mice below. There is also a pin at one end, and a movable hole in a side-slider. In between is a chip integrating the information from the mice and the linear positioning of the side slider. The ruler can be used as a standard ruler, but you can also use it, then hit a button, move it around and get the angle it is now in, relative to the first position. If you lower the pin first, and insert the pen into the hole, a part-circle of defined radius and angle can be drawn. Also, circle through three points, parallels, many geometric figures etc.
loonquawl, Apr 02 2009

Staedtler Rolling Ruler http://www.artstuff...r_rolling_ruler.htm
The analog analog version [phoenix, Apr 02 2009]


       I like it. I don't think you'd get a good absolute position out of optical mouse sensors, but that doesn't seem like an insurmountable problem.
Srimech, Apr 02 2009

       Thank you all for your links. Now i have two things i need to buy, and one i'll probably have to steal...
loonquawl, Apr 02 2009


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