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Diary Pen

Pen that doubles as a diary
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This is a pen with a LCD diary on the side.

You can use the pen as a pen but when you want it to be a diary you simply click a button on the side of the pen, revealing a "D" on the LCD indicating that the pen is now in dairy mode. It is also still in writing mode.

Select the day on which you want to enter an appointment using a scroll function next to the LCD.

Then using a bit of scrap paper, paper tablecloth, back of hand etc. write out your appintment details in longhand. An optical reading device on the side of the pen translates the written word to a chip within the barrel of the pen.

Then click the save button next to the LCD dairy.

The pen can also give you appointment alerts AND display other typical dairy info such as country dialing codes, religious holidays and tidal data.

Bronze Ghost, May 04 2004

Logitech io™ Personal Digital Pen http://www.cdw.com/...ult.aspx?EDC=427396
[half, Oct 17 2004]


       //typical dairy info// what, milk temperature ?
skinflaps, May 04 2004

       the pen could "read" what you write by the movements it has been subjected to.   

       Baked:palmtop computer/mobile(cellular) phone
lau03205, Nov 22 2004


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