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Computer Personality

Get more closely tied with your computer
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(This is my first time, be gentle) I remember back when Mac OS 9 first came out they had all these sound options. you could have your computer click or beep, or chime whenever a menu was accesed, or an application opened. And my favorite part: the computer could read messages to you. I loved it, but it didn't do so hot on the market so they cut it. The biggest problem I think with the voices was that it was computer generated. It read error messages in an annoying monotone voice, you could change it, but they were all very primitive and monotone. they showed up in that song, "push me, and then just touch me, so i can get my, satisfation" the techno one. anyway. my idea is to reintroduce that, for windows(considering that you get alot more error messages on windows). And instead of having boring computer voices, get prerecorded human voices to read the common error messages and alerts. for example, instead of a screen flash error that your computer isn't connected to the internet when you open up your browser, the alert would pop up, and a voice would say, "Yea, so dude, maybe this is my fault here but i'm not getting a signal from the internet, maybe check you wires, or your router, if you want i can take you to network connections and try to sort this crap out for ya, sorry for the inconveniance" the voice would be real, and the message would be more personal, it could help break that barrier between computers and personality. there would be a variety of different voices to choose from, including a butler and a surfer dude. also a layman voice that would explain more complicated errors for those who don't understand. I dunno, i guess i spend so much time on computers i wish they were a little more lively.
backdoorangel, Nov 18 2006

New Computer Voices http://www.research...ttsweb/tts/demo.php
AT&T voices - getting better [JesusHChrist, Nov 18 2006]

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       [Halfbakery tip: You can make paragraph breaks (by hitting <return> twice) to make your text a little more relaxing to read.]   

       What do you mean, "they cut it"? The MacOS X "say" command is still there (and still a computer generated voice.) In addition, you can turn on "voice over" for everything in a variety of thrilling effects voices that will very quickly get you the attention of absolutely everyone within hearing range. Make sure they are unarmed before you test this feature.   

       The switch to a prerecorded more "natural" sound would mirror a similar development in telephone systems, where the machine voice now says things like "okay, I'll connect you." with a relaxed, but helpful tone.
jutta, Nov 18 2006

       One little helpful suggestion; paragraphs. I can't read really long strung together things. I need breaks. I'm lazy that way;-)   

blissmiss, Nov 18 2006


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