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Text to Hate Speech

epithet generator
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App that turns innocent sentences into spiteful audio clips. First pass scans text and searches for each reference to race, sex, ethnicity, or any other identifiable demographic and replaces it with an offensive equivalent. Second pass runs converted text through a standard text to speech generator to generate and audio file.

Fun for middle schoolers playing on their cell phones during recess. Because naughty words are funnier when read by a robot voice.

Cuit_au_Four, Jun 18 2019


       It's a pity the "thet" of "epithet" is not an onomatopoeia. But with this app, you could make it one.
pertinax, Jun 18 2019

       This is just the sort of thing that Hitler would use...
8th of 7, Jun 18 2019

       Yahbut think of all the people that would be put out of work.
FlyingToaster, Jun 18 2019

       Nigel Farage's speech writers ?   

       Mind you, if it can be configured to be specifically anti-Semitic*, Jeremy Corbyn will buy it.   

       *Since Israelis and Palestinian Arabs are almost identical genetically, it's a poor choice of terminology.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2019

       Exactly. So being "anti-Semitic" means "anti-Palestinian Arab".   

       And accusing the Palestinian Arabs of being anti-Semitic is saying "You hate yourselves".   

       While we shudder to speak favourably of Ken Livingstone, his statement that "Hitler was a Zionist" was historically fairly accurate, otherwise why the Office of Jewish Emigration run by Adolf Eichmann ?
8th of 7, Jun 18 2019

       Well, at least the US is friendly to the Jews. Why else name a park "Yo! Semite!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 18 2019

       Not all Jews are Semites*. Not all Semites are Jews.   

       We suggest you draw a Venn diagram to assist in understanding the distinction. For added clarification, it may be helpful to draw part of the diagram as a very thick black line, denoting the presence of a five metre high concrete barrier between Jews and non-Jews.   

       Or us that Mexicans ... ?   

       *According to Rabbinical Law, if you observe the precepts** set out in the Torah, you are a Jew. There is no requirement to be "inducted". Ancestry is irrelevant. It is quite possible for a person of Oriental or Nordic parentage to be Jewish, all alone on a desert island*** as long as the dietary code and prayer rituals are properly observed.   

       ** including circumcision for males.   

       *** some prayers and rituals have minimum requirements for the presence of specific numbers of adult male Jews to be valid.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2019

       Just wanted to point out that the idea was for an app that does the hate speach. [Cuit] did not intend to write an idea on HB that would generate semi-automatic responses of hate speech by halfbakers.   

       Also, "self hating" people have been quite common throughout history. The term refers of course to the hatred of their own group, customs. religion, common traits, ethnicity, nationality and even to hatred of people of the same group. There were always people who denounced their religion or who felt alianated to "their people". So being a "self-hating Jew", an accusation usually held by more conservative Jews against more radical or liberal Jews, is not impossible. It is well documented that assimilated Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto (who did not identify themselves as Jews) had expressed their hatred to the Jews of the Ghetto, tended to cooperate and even identified with the National Socialist party, and even participated in attrocities. The same goes for the Creolic Karaite Jews of Krimea, who decided to identify themselves as "the true Israelites" and distance themselves from "the Jews", and joined the SS en masse. Sadly, hatred is a trait that is easily aquired by all humans.   

       At the same time it must be mentioned that the Creolic leaders supplied many Jews with false papers that allowed them to survive the holocaust.   

       On the other hand the term antisemitism meaning hatred of Jews was commonly used in European literature and politics (in Poland and Hungary there even were parties named The Antisemites). This antisemitism was of two kinds and held two related directions: 1. Hatred due to religious beliefs - and following that hatred of the traditional religious Jews. 2. Hatred due to ethnic differences - politics and economy - and following that hatred of the assimilated Jews.   

       The pogroms in Odessa for example were amplified by the Greek Orthodox church along with the Russian Orthodox church, every year during Easter, especially after the Turkish massacre of Greeks in Istanbul. The Greeks claimed that the Jews were pro Turkish and anti Russian. There were rising tensions in Odessa when Jewish murchants entered the Sugar trading industry in the port after Greek merchants had lost money after an economic crisis. But in the curches the main emphasis was that the Jews were worthy of punishment for their slaying of Jesus.   

       In Goebbel's movie showing the Jews as rats to be eradicated, the hated image of the traditional Jew was transformed into the even more loathed image of the assimilated Jew.
pashute, Jun 19 2019

       // semi-automatic responses of hate speech by halfbakers. //   

       That's what [xenzag] is for. Just mention Donald Trump, Monsanto, or any one of a number of other trigger phrases and the bile and venom flows like water ...   

       Oh, and thanks to [pash] for some useful and dispassionate historical background.
8th of 7, Jun 19 2019

       You have some triggers as well, 8th. Just mention cats, Hillary, Wales, Jeremy Corbyn, children, and the bile and venom flows like water.
RayfordSteele, Jun 19 2019

       Why not replace all nouns with better nouns?   

       By "better" I mean nouns such as fishbone.   

       "Fishbone to fishbone: fishbone generator" "Fishbone that turns innocent fishbones into spiteful fishbones"
sninctown, Jun 19 2019


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