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text to song

text to song
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text to song
pashute, Dec 19 2015

baked? http://www.rollings...into-songs-20110725
[pashute, Dec 19 2015]

Plogue chipspeech - quick launch overview from an exhausted dev. https://youtu.be/6S83-0hYcY8
[Ian Tindale, Dec 19 2015]

Waldorf Attack http://www.waldorf-...tack-drums-overview
The Phrase Vocoder, in particular. [Ian Tindale, Dec 19 2015]

Vaguely related... _22Mom_20and_20Dad_...is_20is_20Chasey_22
[normzone, Dec 20 2015]


       Melody to text?   

       Giant Sequoia to text ?   

       Flotsam and jetsam to song ?
popbottle, Dec 19 2015

       Look up Plogue chipspeech   

       There, that’s your evening gone.   

       Also, Waldorf Attack (which I don’t actually have on my iPad (yet)).
Ian Tindale, Dec 19 2015

       Just apply AutoTune to any audiobook (or other audio version of a text document).
Vernon, Dec 19 2015

       ^ That's a start. Also look at the show "Whose Line is it, Anyways?" where the contestants adlib a song about a specified subject in a specified music genre.
FlyingToaster, Dec 19 2015

       " the show "Whose Line is it, Anyways?" where the contestants adlib a song about a specified subject in a specified music genre "   

       I've been looking for opportunities to conduct meetings at work like this.   

       Two persons, one reporting and one reviewing, must behave as husband and wife having a fight about dinner.
normzone, Dec 20 2015

       This idea is short. I like short. And what's with all the claiming of $5?
Voice, Dec 20 2015

       You can actually only claim the $5 if you can invoke Godwin's law, which means either mentioning Hit ... oh no, you don't catch us out THAT easily !
8th of 7, Dec 20 2015

       Is there a prize for tricking someone into mentioning Godwin's law unnecessarily?
pocmloc, Dec 21 2015

       I must be lost. I thought this was the halfbakery. Been here for years and have never felt quite so lost. Please reorient me to this space. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
blissmiss, Dec 21 2015

       ditto [bliss]
dentworth, Dec 21 2015


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