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Computer Tortoise

Instead of a Computer Mouse.
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It would be wireless (since I don't know about any tortoises that have wires).

When it is in use, it's limbs would be retracted into it's shell and hiding it's head. You would slide it around on it's plastron (I looked that up). It would have an optical sensor for cursor movement. The three foremost scutes (I looked that up too) of the shell could act as the buttons, with the center one having a 'scrolling surface'.

If it had a very horny shell, most of your hand would only be touching the protruding scutes, which would allow for air circulation under most of your hand.

When no one is around, it might wander away looking for something to eat. Don't be surprised when you come back and find some small poop pellets, and no tortoise.

BJS, Apr 07 2007

animal mouse animal_20mouse
[BJS, Apr 07 2007]

Scute http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scute
[BJS, Apr 07 2007]

Tetris http://tetrisgamer.com/
This is a great game. [BJS, Apr 07 2007]


       And quite how would this be an improvement...?   

       [Sneaks a snapping turtle in place of BJS's computer tortoise. Hides behind sofa to watch ensuing mayhem.]
DrCurry, Apr 07 2007

       Well, I live in a desert so a tortoise is much better suited to the environment than a mouse.   

       If you lived somewhere like a beach, then a sea turtle might be more appropriate.
BJS, Apr 07 2007

       I prefer the Russian version, which I think is called Tetris.
phundug, Apr 07 2007

       I like to play Tetris.
BJS, Apr 07 2007

       I love it. A real excuse to get another pet. [+]
FussyPedant, Apr 08 2007

       Very cool. I like that every time you need to use the computer you have to find him somewhere on your desk, likely chewing on bills.
Worldgineer, Apr 10 2007

       So are we making fake tortoise shells? or are we gutting tortoises? or are we fixing small sensor components on real-live tortoises?   

       I would think my last guess would be most amusing, except for the tortoise.
twitch, Apr 11 2007

       Fake tortoise shells, unless you make your own tortoise mouse.
BJS, Apr 11 2007


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