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Hand Implant

Device interfaces with electronic devices
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A small device implanted into the hand could perform a variety of useful tasks: mouse-style pointing, identification, etceteras. This device would communicate via radio frequency (Bluetooth?). It could automate ATM usage, for example, by transmitting the user's PIN to the machine. (The user would simply walk up to the machine, wave his hand in front of it, and withdraw cash.) The implant could be changed, updated, or programmed for maximum flexibility.
Zeuge, Oct 25 2003

ibutton http://www.ibutton.com/
groovy solution looking for a killer-app problem [benjamin, Oct 04 2004]


       Wow, having a chip inside sounds freaky. I mean they would have to cut you open to change the battery and shit.. not for me.
SmartyPants, Oct 25 2003

       Then when a thief wants to get your PIN, all they have to do is cut off your hand. None of that pesky looking over your shoulder...
swamilad, Oct 26 2003

       I like the concept except for the implanting bit. How about the option of wearing a ring for the more squeamish of us?   

       Combine ibutton's java ring with bluetooth and you'd be most of the way there.
benjamin, Oct 26 2003

       My sugar daddy gave me the finger.
Laughs Last, Oct 26 2003

       Whhooooohoooooo. Never read Revelations have you? (Or maybe you are in league with Satan).
squeak, Oct 27 2003

       Implanted chips have been widely proposed for personal identification. And you don't need an implant for mouse-style pointing, just a touch screen sensitive to induction.
DrCurry, Oct 27 2003

       Maybe your ideas has been done, but the consideration of the ring is good. In europe (i think) a man had a small radio frequency emiting chip instaled on his arm for a short amount of time; as an experience. What I think you should put the chip in is a watch. Everyone has a watch and if its large enough to have a USB flash memory, then a small radio emiting chip can't be that far off. That way nobody would get so squimish 'cause off with their hands just to steal their house. The mouse pointer might be a litle harder, but that might not be all that hard. The other ID based info isn't all that hard. The PIN is just a number, but a very important one so encryption might be a costly matter to keep updating before its decrypted. The rest, IDs that don't require security and the such, thats very easy. The problem might be range, you see, to keep the "secure" information realy secure, besides encryption of data it might be necessary to lower the range of transmission. Sorta to keep wardrivers from finding your PIN and other, such stuff. But its not a crazy idea, it is very today; what I mean is it is possible. It's just a radio transmiter, or an infrared transmiter, stuck inside a watch. Preferably a directional beam that you can turn on and off, to save bateries. The aplication might not be exactly the same as you figured, but its just as good.
Jolly_john, Jun 12 2004

       It would kinda suck sometimes cause you couldn't stay on the one porn site you chose to beat off to. You'd always be clicking and clicking...
WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008

       Lots of people now have RFID implants in their hands, but I haven't heard of anybody using such a thing for pointing input to a computer. I don't see how that would work without the computer having a really fancy receiver.   

       Also, iButton seems quite unsuitable for implantation, being a technology that has to have metal-to-metal contact between the tag and the reader. Though dermal anchors are a thing.
notexactly, Apr 09 2019


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