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computer mouse doubles as coffee mug
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The other day I mistakenly took my coffee mug for my computer mouse and slid it across the desk fully expecting the mouse cursor to move on screen. Then, of course, I realized I'd hit on a great idea for yet another installment in the great American tradition of marketing whimsical crap. If I'm the first to have this idea, does posting here protect my "invention"?
dtwilder, Oct 06 2005

Mug Mouse http://www.lwk.dk/s...mugmouse_slide1.htm
[Shz, Oct 06 2005]


       Posting here does no more and no less protect your invention as posting it somewhere else would. (The details depend on your country.) Usually, it's a bad idea.   

       I like this -- I think I'd do it just to see people's faces when what they take to be a mistake turns out to work.
jutta, Oct 07 2005

       ooh ... I've had a similar problem. Once I reached for my mouse and ended up holding a hairy rodent... it didn't work wery well. I think it was because I was missing the right kind of adapter ... tried PS2, USB, Com2 ... didn't work ...   

       (it must have come out of all the mess I have on my computer desk ... I let it go back to it's home)
ixnaum, Oct 07 2005

       Can I suggest that we use a screw on gyroscopic wireless mouse bottom for a regular mug? That way, you can still use the mug in the microwave and dishwasher.   

       But I suggest you finish your coffee before playing HL2 or Doom3 with it.
jong-scx, Oct 07 2005

       I should have known this idea was out there already. Knowledge of so much knowledge is daunting. (But my mouse would be cordless...)
dtwilder, Oct 07 2005


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