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Computer in a Wall

Computer in a wall
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The title is pretty self-explainatory. All of the ports and ventilation could be put on the wall, and the innards in a special enclosure inside of the wall. For servicing, you'd just take off the plate with the ports/ventilation on it. This would be excellent for very tight spaces, or anywhere where people don't want their computers to be so obvious.

Kind of like this, except a full fledged computer, meant to be a permanant fixture.

angrygoatface, Mar 26 2006

Windows CE in a wall socket http://www.windowsf...s/NS3139003780.html
Windows CE thinclient in a wall socket. [angrygoatface, Mar 26 2006]


       I guess there's nothing wrong with this rather unimaginative idea. But since I've owned several (um, 8 instances, actually) homes that were equipped with that ubiquitous feature of later-mid-century American homes, the NuTone Built-in Intercom system, I would be far more pleased with an actual invention that replaced or managed to fill the 6" x 8" cavities these devices leave in each room and is compatible with the 4 strand flat-wiring so frequently used.   

       I'd be thrilled if it had actual internet connectivity without pulling new lines or breaking sheetrock, but mostly I'd just like to make good use of a wired cavity that has little current use in 21st century lives. I'd like it even better it it could be done as a simple homeowner improvement without a great deal of additional contractor cost.   

       There's the gauntlet thrown, NuTone.
jurist, Mar 26 2006


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