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Computer readable format for product benefits

AAA, Credit Cards, Frequent Flyer clubs, etc... An XML format which describes their incidental benefits/special offers so you might get to use them.
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10% off avis car rentals on saturdays with a full moon, 5% off j. random coffe shop. 7% off all barnes and nobels purchases. Pretty much everything comes with odd bonuses nowadays. If you have n credit cards and m frequent flyer miles with x different airlines then there are probably quite a few benefits you are missing out on. It is just too much of a hassle to remember at what hotels you can get a discount and which card you are supossed to show to get it. I propose an XML format be standardized to describe these 'tangental' benefits. I would imagine one could download them all into ones palm pilot and look up things like which car rental places i have discounts at today, or what hotel i should stay at, or which restaurant it was that I get free chicken wings at if I pay with my discover card.
johnmeacham, Mar 24 2002

large scale cataloging of package deals http://www.brightid...D45A809}&bucket_id=
Consumer information needs to be deeply searchable. [LoriZ, Mar 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Better yet, tie them all together. Maybe through a Central Benefits Agency, that issues a card that holds all the relevant information. Present the card and collect your discount.
phoenix, Mar 24 2002


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