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Computer pukeware

Puke or Pay
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To encourage user to pay for usage of software after the trial period, a nag screen will appear showing web cam footage, say, depicting people in action afflicted with motion sickness, nausea in real time. The user must register in advance and declare phobia or detestation. The information will then be used to tailor make graphic material for this individual. If you are a major software publisher with 99% market share, this technique will cut down on non-payment. Users who are disturbed or even sickened are more than willing to pay up to seek treatment and medical relief from this cyber-sickness. Employee's health care plan will cover this expense and companies are happy to see morale and productivity return to normal again.
cocobk, Apr 09 2004


       I have a phobia about 200 gibbons swinging around in a fig tree.
Zanzibar, Apr 09 2004

       Nag screens are plenty Baked. I don't think graphic footage makes them any more original.
DrCurry, Apr 09 2004

       Lighten up, Curry. You're starting to sound like a librarian.
Zanzibar, Apr 09 2004

       For an idea like this? Dream on.
DrCurry, Apr 09 2004

       Why the hell would someone willingly install software that did this? Come on.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2004

       would registering as 'Pornophobic' work?
stilgar, Jun 13 2004

       Arf arf! Thanks, [MrCutieFinster ]
the_knights_of_ni, Jun 14 2004


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