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Allows you to make anonymous donations to artists/authors/software devs that you've ripped off
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Feeling guilty about your bulging, illicit digital assets? Just make an anonymous donation through this site to the artists/companies of your choice and sleep easy. They'll take a 5%-10% cut to cover their running costs which involves contacting the copyright owners and handling the transactions.

You win, the artists win and the people running the website win. The publishers/distributors probably lose.

And guiltypirate.com is currently available.

cousin_itt, Apr 25 2013

$10.99 http://www.who.is/whois/guiltypirate.com
Still [popbottle, Mar 21 2015]


       //They'll take a 5%-10% cut //" They'll" being the site you propose? At what point are you (err, the site) not an agent in the strictest sense of the term? rather pay the artist, most of them have created the ability for you (the lisetner or pirate) to do so...
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       Many guilty pirates may find there is no way to pay for their bounty. For example some TV series are not available to either download or buy on DVD. Some guilty pirates may not want to be a further burden on the environment by buying physical media. Or, since they have already 'paid' the distribution cost to acquire the digital asset, they may not want to pay a digital distributor to take a healthy cut (significantly larger than guiltypirate.com's proposed cut). Some may not philosophically agree with the corporations that control the vast majority of media distribution, yet want to support the artist.
cousin_itt, Apr 25 2013

       you may be interested in my profile page, you know... for DRM (updated eons ago) where i deal with this issue.go forth and prosper [cousin_itt]. however your middleman technique will not work. call me on it and I will give you a full run down (which I am already in the process of formulating)
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       also see the good foundations laid by cory doctorow. et al.
4whom, Apr 25 2013

       There is nothing that helps guilty assets like a good assuaging, digital, bulging or otherwise. The secret beauty of the proposed site should be that no assets go to the distributor/ publisher or the artist. Only the assuager gets paid but every artifice and device can be used to make sure that the guilty is well and truly assuaged.
bungston, Apr 26 2013

       [cousin_itt]...Three ideas posted. No further traffic.
normzone, Mar 22 2015

       He's been busy. Got a job as Putin's body-double.
lurch, Mar 22 2015


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