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Computer recordable digital language master cards

A 2D barcode can store several seconds of voice on a paper card.
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Remember the language master that was in elementary school which used magnetically striped cards which recorded snippets of voice? Why not update this technology with a CCD strip scanner and a CELP/Speex decoder that can play back paper cards with 2D barcodes on them? You record your voice in a program that compresses it to 4.8 Kbps or less and then print out the file on a 300 DPI or better black and white printer. The only disadvantage I can think of would be that you wouldn't be able to re-use cards, of course, that would prevent the kids from erasing cards and recording them with sewer chute language.

For the record, with Speex 2.1 Kbps compression and PaperDisk, I have recorded the phrase "Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't." into less than a 1 square inch space.

Amishman35, Nov 26 2004

Language Master Cards http://www.btintern...ge_master_cards.htm
The original. Picture and a magstripe. [jutta, Nov 26 2004]




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