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Microfiber barcodes

Inventory everything man-made
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Why dont we put a barcode on EVERYTHING manufactured? I like the idea of taking some random "part" to the hardware store and instantly finding it in a database. Of course, thisis only the tip of the iceberg of applications.

Some limitations of current barcodes would have to be overcome to make this feasible. For starters the directionality and large size are problematic. To this end, I propose that future barcodes be microfiber-based (like the little filaments in dollar bills). The fibers contain metallic segments. When struck with an intense RF pulse, the fiber reradiates a spectrum of RF waves that are decoded into a string of digits.

gasreaa, Jul 29 2002


       Given that it apparently cheaper to throw most items away (and buy a new one) than get them repaired, that's why.
DrCurry, Jul 29 2002

       You might want to do a quick search for 'barcode' here at the HalfBakery. 'RFID' would be another good term to search on. My last request is that you search for the proper category before posting.
phoenix, Jul 29 2002

       Big Brother is watching you...   

Aurora, Jul 30 2002


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