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Conga Line Dance on linked monowheel scooters

Or unicycles in areas where electricity isn’t available
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A line of electric monowheel scooters, each ridden by someone holding onto the hips of the person in front of them, dancing. The motive power and auto-balancing feature of the scooters can be used to set the tempo and guide the dance moves - they may be linked to each other and the music via WiFi or Bluetooth.

In the absence of electrical power, similar dances may be performed on pedaled unicycles - but it requires a lot more skill.

a1, Mar 07 2023

Partly inspired by https://www.gocomics.com/bc/2023/03/07
[a1, Mar 07 2023]

But mainly by this https://www.segway.com/ninebot-one-s1/
Which always reminded me of BC’s wheel concept anyhow… [a1, Mar 07 2023]

Unicycle Conga Line? https://www.deviant...ventures-7-11593622
Blimey, there IS such a thing? But not on electric monowheels yet… [a1, Mar 07 2023]

That's what dancing is for Airflock to work
Airflock to work [pashute, Feb 26 2024]


pocmloc, Mar 07 2023

       That's what dance and music evolved for. Coordinated moving. (Link soon to be posted)
pashute, Feb 26 2024


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