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Consumer Sovereignity Voting

Loosely based on 'consumer sovereignity' in economics
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<rant>There was a time when people fought for the right to vote, but now days not as many people come as they used to<end rant>

Of course, people would rather go to the supermarket and do all those useful mundane things in life - such as picking which kind of spread they are to get for their lunch tomorrow, rather than voting for who they want in power.

The thing about consumer sovereignity is that the consumers are monarchs, kings, queens, whatever you prefer to call them, so why not pick your government by the kind of condiment you have on your lunch?

Of course, the Greens would be barely-spreadable, extra chunky peanut butter (with a large sign saying 'WARNING: MAY CONTAIN NUTS' on it), the Conservatives would be extra smooth peanut butter that is a sinister shade of grey, and so on. (before anyone complains, I am only joking about these two examples)

The party campaign would be spent on producing something useful (for once) - such as peanut butter, jam, marmalade, vegemite or whatever the party believes represents them the best, and the rest on advertising it. On the day of the election, people would have their name crossed off at the shop, or whatever they do on election day, go and buy a jar of whatever it is that they're barracking for, then go home. All the jars would have pictures of the leaders on the jar and their political goals written next to the contents list.

Just pray that the Kraft people don't start up a 'Star Wars' peanut butter promotion on the day of the election.

The political party that sold the most condiment gets into office, and everyone who voted gets a cheap jar of spread.

froglet, Mar 03 2006


       [News Hour with Jim Lehrer]   

       "..and today, the last domino has fallen. In the New Zealand elections at the weekend, the incumbent government has been defeated by the Vagina Jam Party. This means that in the last two and a half years, the Vagina Jam movement has taken control in every Western democracy, India, South Africa, much of South East Asia, Japan and almost all of continental Europe."   

       "Where did this mass movement political tsunami arise? What are its ultimate goals? I'm joined in the studio by Mr Ben Frost, an unemployed sausage stuffer from Melbourne Australia, and by Professor Bob Curry, a janitor from Princeton University School of Keynesian Dyspepsia....Gentlemen..."
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 03 2006

       ARGH! *runs away screaming*   

       Anything but the Vagina Jam!
froglet, Mar 12 2006


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